Yoshinoya's breakfast sandwich

Served only during breakfast hours (to 10:30?) They take the beef from their beef rice bowl and put it in Chinese style sesame buns. There’re two flavors: pesto and Japanese mustard (wasabi?). Tried the pesto one this morning and it was actually very good. Has anyone tried the other flavor?

Who is Yoshinoya?

You are a Yoshinoya madman!

No, not a madman, not even a devotee really. I eat there about once or twice a month. But of all the fast food chains, it’s one restaurant that I haven’t gotten sick of over the years. Now with this new breakfast sandwich, I think I’ll be going there more often. :slight_smile:

One caveat: the picture of the sandwich they put up in the store looks a lot bigger than it actually is. So one’s not gonna fill you up if you’re on the hungry side.

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Here’s a nice picture of those two sandwiches.

Yeah, that looks pretty good. There’s a Yoshinoya a few minutes away from where I live, maybe I’ll try it out this week.