You can now chew gum in Singapore (but carry your prescription!)

[quote]Banned for more than 10 years in Singapore, which prides itself on cleanliness, it will now go back on sale.

However, only sugar-free varieties will be allowed, and then only with a doctor’s prescription.

I don’t know why Singapore has a reputation of being such a law and order place. I lived there a while, and while not being able to chew gum and watch Sex in the City on cable infringed on my civil liberties, overall it has to be considered a very hedonistic place to live. I am always amazed by people who think of it as a boring place. Of course, I like Taiwan much better.

The PAP is finally realizing that without gum, diverse expats, and gradual social liberalization, they are going to lose more and more business to the mainland and Malaysia. Now, I just wish they could allow freedom of the press!!!