You can't bench as much as a Taiwanese women

Not this one anyway.

Chen holds various all time world records in powerlifting as follows

44 Kg class - Women’s

* Squat all time world record - 171.5 Kg @ 43.8 Kg that she lifted on 27th of May 2005, in Finland competing in the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) world's championships. Her lift was with only a single ply piece suit, and knee wraps.

* Deadlift all time world record - 175.0 Kg @ 43.7 Kg on the 23rd of May 2003 in Chicago, Illinois for the IPF world's. This also completed was 4 times her body weight and done in a single ply deadlift suit, knee wraps, and wrist wraps.

* Totalled 3rd all time best performance with 170 kg squat, 62.5 kg bench and 170 Kg deadlift on 27th of May 2005 at the IPF world's in Finland. She totalled 402.5 kg (Almost 10 times her own weight, at 43.8 Kg)

48 Kg class - Women’s

* 3rd heaviest squat of all time (IPF worlds) lifting 4.2 times her own weight (@47Kg), with 197.5 Kg, that she did in Australia.

* At the same competition, she lifted an incredible 185.0 Kg (about 4 times her own weight), which was the greatest lift of all time (also not with maximum equipment).

* Also at the same competition, she got the all time world record lifting a total of 457.5 Kg (197.5 Kg Squat, 75.0 Kg Bench Press, 185.0 Kg deadlift (Total 10x her own weight)).

In weightlifting, Wei-Ling competed at the 2004 Olympics in the 48 Kg class.

Here she snatched 75.0 Kg and clean and jerked 95.0 Kg for a total of 170.0 Kg.
Personal bests

* Squat: 197.5 Kg
* Bench Press: 75.0 Kg
* Deadlift: 185.0 Kg
* Total: 402.5 Kg

Raw lifts (Powerlifting)

* Squat: 160.0 Kg
* Bench Press: 55.0 Kg
* Deadlift: 170.0 Kg


* Snatch: 75.0 Kg
* Clean and Jerk: 95.0 Kg
* Total: 170.0 Kg

Weightlifting associated exercises

* Full Back Squat: 150.0 Kg
* Olympic Front Squat: 120.0 Kg
* Clean: 100.0 Kg
* Clean Pull: 120.0 Kg
* Snatch Pull: 95.0 Kg
* Jerk: 95.0 Kg
* Military Press: 50.0 Kg

Congratulations to Chen Wei-Ling! Olympic bronze medalist and Taiwan’s toughest xiaojie!
I’d buy her a drink but she probably doesn’t drink and then again she’d crush me.

Snatch: 75kg.

She wouldn’t take a drink from you. It would interfere with her … erm… “diet supplements.”

She might take a glass of juice if you offered politely and winked.

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