You know you are in taiwan when...:facebook:

finish the sentence:
You know you are in taiwan when______.

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You know you are in taiwan when

  1. The green flavor is green tea, not mint.
    Purple flavor is taro, not grape.
    White is hokkaido milk, not vanilla.
    Black dots are red bean, not chocolate chips.

  2. Bus and train stops are translated to at least 3 languages.

  3. There are metal cans of burning paper on the streets.

  4. There are scooters driving on the sidewalk.

  5. Trucks, cars and scooters run red lights (in kaosiung anyway)

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You know you are on taiwan when____

You know you can read three parts of whack things in Taiwan and still have a lot more to talk about Taiwan

You yell “Shark!” at the beach and everyone grabs their chopsticks and runs towards the water.


the secret police force you to let go the banner–printed with ‘Taiwan’ text–that you hold.

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you know you are on Taiwan but you don’t know if you are on Taiwan.

when you tell people, ‘you are very Taiwanese’, say, Icon will grin but Ma Yingjou groan.

You don’t care that the cleaning lady is in the restroom when you’re taking a leak.


You look both ways before crossing the…sidewalk.


You have an adrenaline rush and see your life flash before your eyes at least once every taxi ride

Your budget for a week’s worth of lunch-box meals is still less than what your friends back home spend on one meal out

You start following silly superstitions and do stuff you never used to, like avert your gaze away from the moon and never write someone’s name in red pen

You consider Heineken an acceptable beer and McDonald’s hamburgers not only edible, but a treat that reminds you of home

Your TV viewing more and more consists of ‘Masterchef’ reruns and CCTV of scooter crashes on the Taiwanese news

You post on forumosa


When people are walking around with bubble tea in small plastic bags

(Where as in Canada pple carry around a cup of coffee and in France pple carry a baguette)

When you buy street food and they put the food in a bag, and then another bag plus a pair of chopsticks. Or when i buy a cake paper plates, forks and knife comes with it. It’s so environmentally unfriendly.

You know you are in Taiwan when you are in Chinese Taipei.


Soo true and so ridiculous.

When food vendors let food they’re about to prepare sit on the ground, then prepare it without using gloves.

I once saw someone scrubbing pigs tongues right on the sidewalk

You know the 2 most dangerous places in Taiwan are at a crosswalk and at a buffet.


You walk into a store with no intention to buy anything and every intention to get some free ac.


When your are bleeding from your nose.

When you go through 4 sets of clothing and at least 3 showers a day. Or maybe that’s just Kaohsiung where it’s so bloody hot that I sweat a swimming pool on a daily basis.


When typhoons are only the SECOND worst type of natural disaster that could destroy your home or kill you.