You know you are in taiwan when...


This and…

This receive my votes.

Here’s my entry into the competition.

You know that 22 and 87 are more than just numbers.


What does 22 and 87 mean?
I know what 38 means (bad word for women) and 9394 mean fooling around in cantonese


87 means idiot. Idk what 22 means.


I thought 49 was idiot.


Never heard of that.


Male equivalent of 38…like mimbo. Or so I’ve been led to believe.

You debate over the special significance of numbers in TW culture.


You see women wearing jackets in 35 C weather to prevent their skin from turning dark (mostly on scooters)


22 = The average monthly salary for post grads.

87 = 白痴/Báichī = idiot

You have to explain the special significance of numbers in TW culture.


… you see public notices like this:

Back in blighty, under similar circumstances, there’d be a gang of chavs entertaining themselves by stomping on crabs prior to their scheduled apres-school trip to the park for drinking, shagging and petty vandalism.


> Blockquotehmmm? Where in taiwan is this? Better not walk bare foot!


Just bring some of this along…


So who’s the lucky winner @Toe_Save

I haven’t been able to sleep for the past two weeks not knowing who won your contest.


I don’t know, man…
The good news???

The bad news??

Tough call, man…


Jesus, that’s a Faustian pact if ever I heard one.


I usually look left right left right left then cross


And the winner, with a whopping 11 likes, is…

An announcement will be made shortly as to exactly where and when, but keep this Sunday afternoon open Doc. We’ll be rancherosing our heuvos.



2nd prize: 3 dinners?



It’s Wednesday afternoon and your boss is in Shangers and you don’t have anything pressing to do and you just got off the phone from the wife pissing in your ear about some BS and you just scroll down the list of posts, opening each one and crapping all over it and then moving on to the next one.

Of course, that might just be me.


Yuh think?