You know you are in taiwan when...

  1. You know you are in Taiwan when you end the day with pockets, and possibly a backpack, full of trash because you couldn’t find a trash can anywhere.

  2. You know you are in Taiwan when a giant cockroach climbs over your feet at the night market and you think nothing of it.


You know you are in taiwan…

when people end their sentences with oh (噢)!

When there are jingles everywhere (when you enter family mart, when mrt doors open, when the garbage truck comes. )

When the government creates anime mascots for their services. (Postal worker and mrt)

When the malls open exactly at 11 with people waiting outside. And for the 1st 10 mins they stand outside their shop greeting everyone.
When you can’t find a quiet place in a mall because every shop and hallway is playing music.

When there are groups of seniors in a park tapping various parts of their bodies to a rhythm.

When there are more temples than convenient stores.


When the most dangerous activity is crossing the street.


When there are fireworks at 11pm.
It s keeping me up and i am praying it won’t wake my toddler up. I had an urge to go on my roof and yell at those who are setting them off. But then i would seem like the crazy one.
Happy mid autumn festival.


-when you cycle like a selfish maniac, even under the packed walkways with no regard for anyone else, expecting them to get out of your way because you are on a bike. back home people would be livid if i cycled like i do here.

  • when walking you act just as badly, because the locals would do the same shit to you.

  • when you are eating in a restaurant and see like 5 buckets of meat on the floor.

  • when the guy next to you in a restaurant is eating with his mouth open like a disgusting pig, then coughs and burps like its nothing. and he looks at you like you are the freak.

  • when you are tired of seeing shirtless old men lurking around the streets.

  • when walking more than 5 minutes to get to a place seems long.

  • when you eat brekfast in the middle of the night.


When you can’t remember what it was like to be cold anymore


Soooo true. Which is why i don’t know how i would be able to move back to Canada in 2yrs


When one of your hobbies is to tell newbies who’ve been here three years already ‘man you guys have it easy’ as they back away slowly.


no one refers to me as “the Chinese guy” in any form and in any language.


When a dainty maiden shoves a chicken claw in her mouth and starts chomping on the cartilage and making loud sucking noises and you don’t even bat an eyelash.


I’m gonna leave in 2 years and i already feel sad. Maybe I’ll feel differently when the time comes . (Yes i plan ahead. Even my feelings)


Is there a picture to demonstrate what you mean?


The fact that you’ve never noticed this grisly act, which occurs all over the island on a daily basis, shows that you’ve indeed been in Taiwan too long.


You know you’ve been a foreigner in Taiwan too long when…

You know you’ve been a foreigner in Taiwan too long when…


When you’ve got a Taiwan passport without giving up your own first.


Is that possible? And why is that particular to Taiwan?


Read the papers we aren’t your personal secretaries.


When there is a funeral procession at 6am on a Sunday. With drums and music. Who wakes up this early on Sundays and starts annoying neighbors? Taiwan needs noise laws.