You know you haven't been a member on long enough when

You don’t even consider looking to see it you have a PM.

You still feel the need to see what’s happening on

You don’t even think of responding (with agnst) to a post from tigerman or blueface (sorry guys)

You’re too apologetic.

You think formosa’s posts about SARS are serious :wink:

You still find Amos’s avatar rude.

You don’t know who Boss Hogg is.

You don’t know who any of ABCguy24, formosa, Mailongdong, Geng or Peter Schwartz are.

amos, i RESENT you putting me in that crowd! Really, have I been that bad? Time for a reality check.

At least YOU got mentioned !
I try to be rude and offensive and memorable, I can never seem to manage it…

You still think Alley Cat is female :shock:

You correct people’s grammar and spelling in their posts as if you were still on

You ask about the mythical “student visa” and “work visa”.

Vincent who?

:mrgreen: You :shock: yes, :arrow_right: you :!: …use too :imp: damn :imp: many :bulb: 's in your posts :!: :blush: :frowning: :cry:

How about the obvious? You’re only a “cai niao”.

  1. You think “ImaniOU” owes you something.
  2. You think “Maoman” is half cat, half man.
  3. You think “” is a business.
  4. Lie to yourself that you have speed read all the replies in a post when making a reply.

lol. Thanks, ali.

Hey, I know Vincent, remember ABCguy24, Geng the Mormon and $hit. Don’t judge a book by its cover, alright? I am not a second-class-Forumosian!

Damn, gotta post more often.

Sorry, t.ukyo…as someone who spent over a year and a half as a cai niao and peasant when people who have been on here for half as long have 200 posts more than me, I should be more sensitive. Don’t worry…the first 100 take the longest…after that titles will be breezing by before your eyes.