You know you've been in Taiwan too long when

You know you’ve been in Taiwan too long when…

you no longer tell the truth about anything, even if it’s insignificant, but instead compulsively lie about everything.



Ah now I got it. I as well have never heard of a Reuben Dog, hence the confusion. Does look good though!

Redpoint has a good Reuben.


only if you don’t know the difference between a reuben and a hotdog

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apologies, i should scroll then post…

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You know you’ve been in Taiwan too long when you are anxiously analyzing For foreigners who have legally stayed over 180 days in Taiwan, MOI will provide automatic 30-day visa extensions

Out of curiosity, why do you find it so fascinating?

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I just cut and pasted the title, but I would imagine that being overdue on your visa might make one fear that one had been in Taiwan too long :grin:

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I meant the content thereof, lol.

Didnt read it but, yea I guess its not an easy spot to be at risk of overstaying, and its certainly fits the thread title :grin:

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Gotcha. It’s a relevant thread to me because I originally came to Taiwan intending to tour around for a few months, just as the pandemic began. Ended up staying for more than a year before coming back to Ohio.

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Yea sorry I should have pointed out that my post was not directed against anyone who ‘overstayed’. Most people in a new country will be in the grey area at some point and unfortunately as it happens some people in this world are not legal in the country they grew up in. So yea poking fun at that unfortunate fact of life, and definitely not at the ‘over-stayers’

You know you’ve been in Taiwan too long when …

you describe your discomfort with variety of traffic accidents


It’s crazy how I completely forgot the awful smell when I thought I never would lol.

Anyways the fact that I keep eating out when I have a kitchen though. Have to keep my COVID weight on I guess :roll_eyes:

You choose a matcha Kit Kat over a regular one and over all the other chocolate choices at the local 7-11.


Stinky tofu over regular tofu lol


If this is the criteria, then thankfully I have not been in Taiwan too long!


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Most matcha chocolate bars contain palm oil, so that’s a no from me. :speak_no_evil::deciduous_tree::monkey:I do usually check the ingredients list though. I think I would know I had been here too long if I was ever glad instead of disappointed that the green ice cream was matcha and not mint.


I love matcha ice cream and red bean. Took a few years to get there.


still not possible for me…

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