You know you've been in Taiwan too long when

You know you’ve been in Taiwan too long when you know the names of all the MRT stops on your route in Hakka.

You know you’ve been in Taiwan too long when you go to Taibei and think you’ve entered another country. “Wow, people sure are rich here. Look at how clean and shiny everything is. The women here look like Taiwanese, but they’re much prettier and wear nicer clothes. Did I just a white guy? I haven’t seen one of those in several weeks. And look, he’s holding hands with what looks like a Taiwanese girl, but they’re speaking in English. How curious. Gee whiz, food is so expensive here. Who would pay more than 70NT for dinner at a restaurant?”

Somebody out there has put this thread to music video.

It’s weird. Even living down in Bitan, I don’t really have the feeling of living in a foreign country any more. Cross that magic divide that separates the old Muddy Basin from the rest, though, and BAM! Instant culture shock. After nearly 20 years it still hasn’t got old. I’ll be off on a jaunt early next month for pastures south and I know that as always, it’ll feel like I’ve traveled to a different country.

I sure wish your “rich” comment was true, though!

You think dogs and cats are wild animals… haha.

You have a 7-11 magnet to represent every country

When driving you cover the horn not the brake…

You think dogs are born to know how to cross the street.

Yes, you start thinking … what they can can, I can … with lot’s of luck

You wear your jacket backward, and you cover your mouth with your hand thinking it saves you from inhaling pollution.

When it’s raining you hold your hand over your head, hoping it will prevent hairloss by acidic rain … :slight_smile:

It must be good if people are lining up in the restaurant or anything.

  1. You gotta stand on top of a running table saw, with no guard, in order to change a light bulb or florescent tube.

  2. You make as much noise as possible, even if it’s 3 AM

  3. You assume that scooter drivers can ignore traffic law.

  4. Your employer treats you like crap and you dont care to notify the proper authorities, because you think they dont care.

  5. You can count the number of days you have been in Taiwan, like an inmate can count the number of days he’s been in jail…

  6. You spit stuff on the street thinking someone will clean it up later.

any more?

  1. It feels like yesterday that you read a long similar themed thread.

  2. You use Forumosa’s search engine and find it:

Mmmm, corn.

‘Well my friends are gone and my hair is grey, I ache in the places where I used to play and I’m crazy for love but I’m not coming on.’

You don’t know the difference between a red light and a red light district. I don’t stop for either.

My head is humming, and it won’t go in case you don’t know.

[quote=“Matchstick_man”]7) It feels like yesterday that you read a long similar themed thread.

  1. You use Forumosa’s search engine and find it:[/quote]

Yes you are correct there are many similar threads, but cut the guy some slack we have all had those days. :wink:

248: You are blessed you know 20 other foreigners who have been here since the mid 80’s and havent left Taiwan, except for brief jaunts abroad.

249: The locals have a heart attack when you tell them it’s been over ten years since you have been back to your country of birth.

250: Foreigners have a heart attack when they find out you’ve only spent a total of 2 months outside of Taiwan in the last 20 years, that you’ve become and ROC national and actually vote in local elections.

250a - You actually know SatelliteTV’s real name, and have had talks with him about how to become an ROC national. :wink:

250b - SatelliteTV has installed your satellite TV.