You look like my grandmother

Strange story to share:
I was out walking my boyfriend’s dog this evening. Not looking anything strange. Just a chick with a dog. And this old lady comes up to me and just starts bellowing me in chinese. I enough chinese to usually know what is going on, but today she was bellowing and I am pretty sure it was taiwanese and Ihad no clue what was going on. She just went off on me. No reason. When she was done she kept saying “what do you say?” in chinese
So I answered “you look like my grandmother”
She did not.
She, of course, stood there… very confused. Shook her head. and walked away.

That was fun.

Good job. What a crank! :unamused:

Since she was yelling in Taiwanese, which you don’t understand, how can you be so sure she had no reason? How do you know she wasn’t yelling –

a) Your stupid boyfriend gave me syphilis; you can tell him he’s dead meat, or

b) Tell your boyfriend to quit bangin’ my daughter or her husband is gonna kill him, or

c) If you blast that damn Abba album one more night, I’ll come upstairs and throw you out the fucking window, or

d) If your stupid mutt shits in front of my door one more time, your dog is gonna end up in my chow fan.

Just a few possible translations. Have a nice day. :wink:

Not likely. I was about a mile away from his place.