"You might need some Richard Rorty"

Besides being interesting in his own right, since 2016 he’s been credited with predicting the rise of Trump (not specifically the Donald but the general type), in the 90’s. Here they mix old clips of him and recent interviews with other philosophers who knew him.

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Read his Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature, Consequences of Pragmatism,
Contingency, Irony and Solidarity, and Philosophy and Social Hope as well as scattered essays. What a difference between him and a pseudo-intellectual huckster like Jordan Peterson.

I don’t think Peterson pretends to be an ‘intellectual’. He made his name giving out rather obvious, down-home advice that works, and along the way throwing out some musings on the meaning of life, based on his experience as a clinical psychologist.

Philosophers don’t do what psychologists do, so you’re comparing apples with oranges.

I’ll look up those books though. I’ve never heard of him, so I’m curious if he has anything original to say.