You seem to have forgotten to enter the validation code

This is the error message Forumosa gives me when I try to change my signature in profile. What validation code? It doesn’t want my password, I tried.

I’ve been having the same problem too!

New modification. Maybe Goose Egg will shed some light.

Yeah, we installed a new modification in order to prevent bots from registering on Forumosa. Seems to do the trick, but now we have this issue. :s Hmmm. Until we get it figured out, let me know what changes you want in your profile - I’ll make the changes manually…

can you trim my signature line then please. New quote " Spottiswood: Remember, there is no “I” in “Team America”.
Intelligence: [pause] Yes there is."

Don’t want to bother you with entering things manually, Maoman, unless this will be more than a week.

I want my signature line to say, “Maoman sucks donkey penis”.

And change Richardm to donkey…inadvertently forgotten.

I just found out this nasty bit of info too. I wanted to add to mine (at the top if you will)

“Broon, we hardly knew ya!”

But you prolly won’t want me to.

Uhhh…I have a UPC barcode. Will that work?

I’m having this problem too. :s

I’ve uninstalled the verification code - so you should be able to change your own profiles now

I need to discuss with our other admins the best way and timing for this. We’ll probably get back to this in late May.