Young Trudeau: Fascist, Anti-Semite, and Separatist

This book looks like it will be a very interesting read indeed. I’ve always been dismayed that the so-called intellectuals in the news media and academia fell for the “charade of democracy” that Trudeau pretended to support in Canada. Trudeau was a fascist from day one. After reading this book, I don’t think anyone will be suprised that he wore German army helmets while riding around Quebec. There wasn’t an egalitarian bone in his body and he was the self-proclaimed intellectual giant of our time? Why do people in Canada continue to fawn over him? Hopefully, this book will push people to re-evaluate his legacy. … a6&k=99910

Interesting. I for one may need to re-evaluate his legacy.

My politics teacher was a fan of Trudeau and it influenced my views greatly at the time. I always had a lot of respect for him and to be honest, what he did as a youngster shouldn’t shadow what he did as a grown and accultured person but you never know. I would have to read the book to have a more informed opinion.

Regardless, I think that"La Nuit Des Grands Couteaux" is something I will never forget/forgive.