Your bank of choice?

Hey guys, just wondering what your bank of choice would be. Will be around Banqiao district the most. Spending a lot of time around NTPE city. No ARC just id number.

Thanks again.

My main bank is usually whatever bank my employer has chosen. Typically companies deposit salaries to a specific bank, and you need to open an account with that bank.

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I’ve only had accounts at Fubon and CHB, and they have their pros and cons. Overall CHB charges me more little hidden fees and is less “professional” but has better customer service overall.

I don’t like the bank my employer forces me to use so I take all the money out at payday and walk it across the street to my preferred bank.
But for convenience most people use the one they are forced to.

My personal favorite is the post office, no nonsense and available everywhere.

I’m fine with both the banks my employer chose for me.

In Taiwan or for all of Asia? The Rural Bank of Sanchez is the way to go!!! Tip top service. :smile:

I wish 7-11 would take over the banks. Then, they would become convenient and painless. I really hate having to go into the bank and write complex characters when I’m thinking that just writing the Arabic numbers would be so simple. Online banking doesn’t use this antiquated system so why?..I try to do most everything online. I use Citibank for a business account and Cathay Bank for a personal account. Cathay has longer lines. Citibank has higher fees but lines are shorter and they have some English support.

I need to get into Bitcoin.

I use CTBC bank and they are pretty great. Yesterday I went to the bank and they had about 12 tellers and I was number 19 to get serverd, I was in and out in 20 minutes. :slight_smile: Gotta love Taiwan’s efficiency.

I use Mega Bank simply because a employer used it once when I first settled back. Saw no reason for the hassle to change as non of them really stand out as the better bank, some smaller onces are not great but usually the major ones offer all the same services. But to be honest, they’re all about the same. The only thing I care about is unlike the US, i don’t need to find my banks ATM to still be charged like $2 to take out my own money vs like $5 if I went to another ATM…