Your birthdate in google. Try it!

David Munrow - A discography

I just got the minutes from a city council meeting in Mankato MN. A “special” meeting as it claimed (where’s that yawn emoticon?). Hey, wait. There’s minutes from a meeting that took place in my college town that day as the 10th link. Very cool. Wait another minute. I looked up my exact bithdate on images and the first image it pulled up was a picture of a girl who is a member (or rather was since she was on conditional status according to the site) of my honorary music sorority Tau Beta Sigma. She has the same birthdate (8/20/79) and major instrument (clarinet) as me. Really cool. :smiley:

The Fishing Territories of Greenland. Pages of .pdf files containing longitude and latitudes and nothing else.


Fate is calling you to Greenland…there is probably a sunken ship loaded with gold bullion at one of those locations…

I did find out that I share the same date of birth with the actor who plays Malfoy’s dad in the “Harry Potter” movies. The weird thing is that none of my top fifty or so google links had any of the obvious holidays or memorials that fall on my birthday.

BTW, check out for music-related zaps on your birthday.