Your Boss

What’s he or she like?


He picks me up in the morning in his new Lexus coupe and we drive to work with the top down to TopGun’s soundtrack.

Now and again he’ll ask me to decipher text messages from his foreign bao er nai.

His office is one-tenth of our available office space.

He only drinks Perrier and has an Italian coffeemaker in his office, which I fortunately am allowed to use.

I’m not complaining just observing and I am also interested to read some Laoban eccentricities you may have encountered.

Mine is pretty ok, he and his wife run the daily company business. He does the marketing and she the admin/finance - well, that would make her the boss actually. :wink:
He is a family man driving a normal car but the guy financing the whole show drives a Mercedes S320 or two - though we hardly see him around.
That said my boss treats me quite well, perhaps because I am the only foreigner in the company and because he needs me.
He is quite approachable and has a good command of English, so it’s not a problem to talk to him but once in a while I find him do things “Taiwanese style” and interfere with my area of responsibility - but I will let him know that and he seems to accept my reasoning.