Your experience with racism in Taiwan

That is snitching, you do not [quote=“Gmu, post:739, topic:200853, full:true”]
It’s funny that someone who already thinks that him its very Taiwanese doesn’t want to wear a mask. Taiwanese people don’t complaints about wearing the mask, lol

They are good when you have bad teeth, I had a huge acne spot the other day so it was nice to have it covered by the mask,

Actually it is racist and discriminative …He is a 100% correct.

But we grew to accept it because of the society here.

oh, so I’m a racist for telling another westerner that as foreigners, and guests here in Taiwan, that we have an obligation to wear a mask where it’s required. Everyone in the complex wears a mask.

You are entitled to your opinions I’ll grant you that. But, I don’t see myself as being a racist. Would you care to expand a little? what exactly was racist?

if you know the westerner is a foreigner as a fact, it is not racist to call him a foreigner. If you judged the person must be a foreigner because he is a westerner, calling him a foreigner is racist.


Tando has explained my thoughts .
Calling people a foreigner by what they look like is racist.

And referring to people as foreigners, especially to their face (even if they happen to be foreigners ) and when it is completely irrelevant is ignorant but commonplace here.


Out of curiosity, how many westerners are Taiwanese citizens? And what percentage is that of westerners living in Taiwan?

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Sorry, I don’t see it. Rude possibly, but not racist. Sure, I find being called 外國人 in shops to be damn rude, but not racist.

Racism implies discrimination of some sort. Was asking him to follow the rules discriminatory? No.
Was describing us both as being the only foreigners in the complex racist?

You would say yes, I disagree.


You are assuming things about him because of his race and then bringing it up when it was irrelevant.
I think that’s racist.


what race? it’s relevant because we’re the only foreigners in the complex.

I think you’re taking politically correct a little too far.

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so, you know the person is a foreigner as a fact. In that case, I don’t think it is racist.

actually, I’m not sure what westerners mean. Taiwanese born and grown up in the west are westerners?

100% they are. What else would they be? Dude with a Canadian passport is a Canadian, it doesn’t matter where his folks are from.

what if the Taiwanese doesn’t have a Canadian passport?

A canadian born and grown up in Taiwan without a Taiwanese passport is what?

Without a passport, that person isn’t Taiwanese. That person is foreign to Taiwan.

To call yourself xxx nationality, citizenship is required, IMHO.

Otherwise you are of xxx heritage, or have xxx roots, but you’re not an xxx citizen.

But you wrote that yourself:

is still a Canadian.

A vehicle to change the system. That is outright unacceptable. It definitely needs to go to the courts.:rage:
How could someone be born here, grow up here and not have a passport. What is this a banana republic.

What about a Taiwanese born mixed person with Canadian and Taiwanese passports? This is my son. Everywhere we go people call him a foreigner. It’s it racist? Possibly, you’ll have to ask him. People will never stop calling him that though. To me it’s not meant in as negative way, so I don’t take offense. I think discrimination and racism hold negative connotations. This is not the case with him. Could be in the future though


In many parts of the world, people like that are called refugees.

The UK doesn’t accept all births within the UK to automatically be citizens anymore. Parents have to legally be in the UK, one as a citizen of the UK, or Ireland or the EU.

I have access to three passports. One day your son will himself choose what he’ll call himself.

I just hope you’ve raised him a leafs fan.

Not really I’m just pointing out what you are doing is racist, mild racism, but that’s what it is. You are putting that fellow in a box that he may not belong in, even if he does just happen to be a 'foreigner ’ he does not need you to comment on it as much as he needs you to tell him both of you are fat or both of you are ugly.


That’s because they are dumb idiots. They run their mouth off letting the shit flow out without switching on their brain first.

I have hauled a couple of people over for that after they commented some dumb shit about my kids, but I felt bad afterwards because they are just thoughtless idiots. One guy had a look of humiliation on his face as he realized what dumb shit he was saying .
However mark my words this kind of stupidity and ignorance has real consequences.