Your experience with racism in Taiwan

I’ve never been. Should have gone for a visit when my brother was stationed there pre-pandemic.

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That in turn causes friction because those in line won’t be happy to see you jump the queue.

I’m sure that’s true, but it wasn’t my choice. I was clearly number 38 on the list but the nurse practitioner flung open the doctors office door, pointed directly at me, and said “Matthew? Come in.”

Nah I’ve been at Mackay dozens of times. There are heaps of folks the doctors see outside of the formal numbering system. No one blinks an eye.



Fair do. The number system doesn’t mean much then.
I guess it’s not like a deli counter.


Yeah they often let people jump the queue for whatever reason.


I think they usually come from other doctors. At least that’s been my experience.

True, and I have often seen locals jump the queue in front of me too, but I do not assume racism.