Your Fav Beef/Pork Sausage recipes

I’ve been making South African sausage for a few months now, but I’d like to try my hand at making (plain) beef & pork sausages. :help:
Yea, Yea… I CAN Google the topic, but nothing beats a personal or favorite spice/ingredient!

Any advice?

I can’t believe it… nuffing? :noway:


if you want italian style, some rosemary, white wine and a bit of salt and pepper will do you.

You could try asking the chef at JBs – he makes his own Lincolnshire sausages, which are really delicious. He’s also a Saffie, too.

Fav. Beef/Pork Receipe

You will need 3 pound beef loin roast.
Salt and pepper

Slap the sucker on a BBQ grill and sear well on both sides adding a liberal dose of salt and pepper as it sears. Don’t overcook. It should still be able to “moo”.

Extract from heat.


Sorry! Couldn’t resist - perhaps it was the scotch!