Your favorite flavor?

Sorry, but I just can’t resist. What do you think would be the top flavor in Taiwan? Taro? Betelnut? Red bean? Dried fish? :laughing: … 925&irec=0

Durian-flavoured condoms hit the streets of Jakarta

JAKARTA (DPA): Durian-flavoured condoms went on sale for the first time this week in Jakarta drug stores, pharmacies and street stalls as a new gimmick in the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS, the country’s leading condom producer said on Friday.
“We’ve sold about 150,000 pieces in the first week, which isn’t bad for a new product,” DKT Indonesia director Christopher Purdy told Deutsche Presse-Agentur.
Durian-flavoured Sutra Fiesta-brand condoms are DKT Indonesia’s latest gimmick to socialize the message of safe sex in the world’s most populous Moslem country, where an estimated 80,000 new HIV cases are expected this year primarily among intravenous drug users and sex workers and their clients.
“The problem with condoms in Indonesia is people here are really shy about them, so when you have a durian condom it’s something funny and we can get people to talk about them with their friends and their family because it’s no longer just about sex,” said Purdy.
DKT Indonesia, a non-profit non-government organization (NGO), has been marketing cheap condoms in the country since 1996 as a means of preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS and encouraging family planning.
The group sold 36.9 million condoms on the Indonesian market in 2002, accounting for nearly half of the country’s condom sales of approximately 70 million pieces.
DKT condoms are sold at subsidized prices, with the cheapest brands costing about 6 U.S. cents, to encourage use among the poorest strata of society. The NGO receives funding from the KfW (German Development Bank) and the Gates Foundation.
The durian-flavoured Sutra Fiesta condoms are manufactured in Malaysia, and currently sell at 4,000 rupiah (about 50 cents) for a pack of three.

Stinky tofu, but you wouldn’t need a condom for that.

Toe flavour…

Since it’s usually girls licking them girls I would say bubble milk tea flavor - that would be a great hit. The betelnut flavor might find a market among gays. Females rarely eat betelnut here anyway, but who knows the aborigine ladies may buy them as well.

If I weren’t me, I might be tempted to write something like:

“I’ve been given to believe that mine tastes good, so if I sell them the formula, I’m sure those R&D people can turn it into a massive seller - Omni-flavored condoms.”

But as I am indisputably me, I would never dream of writing any such thing.

As far as I know, I’m the only one with that particular fetish… :wink:

My guess would be “ro song”(sp?), that unnaturally colored, dried and shredded pork that seems to get sprinkled on a lot of things.

Pearl Milk Tea :sunglasses:

Suan mei (sour plum) would probably be popular here.

I knew you’d mistyped “toe slave”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, not that I’d be the one licking a condom, but chocolate flavor might be a nice gift for that special lady. Perhaps a dark Ethel-M or Dove, or Valrhona Noir Amer. And maybe Baskin-Robbins could be persuaded to put out a “Love Potion #31” flavored sonky.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale flavoured would be my pick! :slight_smile:

Mr. He wrote:

Was that a mistype? :laughing:

Pucker up!

Or 10,000-year-old-egg-flavor.

That is so rong.


They put it on everything else don’t they.


Whatever the flavour, they’d have to add plenty of MSG.

Coffee flavour.

Now you don’t need to go to Starbucks anymore. But where would your kids hang out? Coffee Shop or Kindergarten??

I’ve thought long and hard - I think san bei ji, or any sort of cock flavor really, would be most popular.

Thousand-year eggs flavor? Skip the condom.

Eat a peach instead.