Your Favorite Marvel Movie

We rented The Punisher last night. It was another Marvel Comics character turned into a film. Not bad, but hope the second one is better.

Electra is out, havent seen it.
Man-Thing came out last fall?? did it? didn’t see it.
Fantastic Four is coming this summer.

Aside from these, there have been Spiderman 1 and 2, Hulk, X-men 1 and 2, and Blade 1,2 and 3, and Daredevil.

I was a huge comic book freako when I was a kid, I HATED the innanety of Superman, Batman 1 was good.Marvel seems to be putting out good, well developed characters and they seem to be attracting well-known stars, John Travolto was the bad guy in Punisher.

And I hear Tom Cruise is gonna do Iron Man.

I also like the company, bought stock last year, made some bucks, got a split and then got out. But I may get back in soon, as they keep putting out money making, if not, technically good, movies.


I was a HUGE Xman fan when I was in my teens, but the movies SUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!! Come on , part two tried to take two crucial story lines and make them in two one. :unamused:
Spiderman has never been my favorite but they have done a good job on the movie version, also nice to see Stan Lee pop in both of them…Never read Daredevil but the movie sucked, or the casting did. Hate Blade, and the Hulk? Don’t get me started on that one…

I never got into comics, but my little sister, who was and still is a huge X-Men fan and draws pictures that you’d swear should have Stan Lee’s name under them instead of hers, has been disappointed thus far by what Hollywood has churned out.

As being someone outside of comics, but with a little knowledge, I have been disappointed by most except X-Men 2 and even that got a mild reaction from me.

I can see how people didnt get the Hulk. ANg Lee and his comic like boxes on the screen…ugh.

As for Daredevil: pretty good and close to the comic.
Spiderman: excellent and also tight to the comic exept for the exclusion of the whole Gwen Stacy history
X-men: I was a BIG new x-men reader, and I loved to see Collosus even for a second in XM2…I thought wolverine was great…all in all, good movies, close to the comic…close enough for me at any rate. :slight_smile:
The Punisher: never read the comic, and the movie for me was a set up for #2

I grew up in the 70-80s reading great art filled comics, and the quality of the comic based movies then was crapola. I find the computer enhanced stuff quite cool.

'nuff said

I actually really liked Hulk. I can see why people wouldn’t like it, but I thought it was an interesting and intelligent take on the superhero thing, and a nice change from the “men in spandex” style.

Blade I was excellent, II was… alright, and haven’t seen III, but I’ve heard nothing but bad things.

X-Men 1 & 2 were great, I thought. 2 felt like it was missing something, but I’m hanging out for 3.

Spiderman 1 & 2 - outstanding. Got my votes for best Marvel movies - they did a great job of keeping him true to the comics, right down to casting Tobey Macguire, who has just the right mix of geekiness and charisma to pull off the nerd/hero combo. Granted, Kirsten Dunst was a bit annoying, but mweh. And come on, they both had cameos from Bruce Campbell - that in itself is enough to make them TEH WINNAR.

Haven’t seen Punisher, Man-thing I think is coming out later but I’m totally unfamiliar with that, Daredevil I didn’t bother with - Ben Affleck is generally a bad sign in big-name blockbusters. Heard Elektra is poos, so I probably won’t bother with that, and Fantastic Four already looks to be a big-budget disappointment, judging by the trailer. The Thing looks like he’d fit in in a Godzilla movie for Christ’s sake. He looks like a man wrapped in orange polystyrene.

Far as comic book adaptations go, I know it ain’t Marvel, but I’m hanging out hardcore for Batman Begins.

I like the Bats too…but too much hollywood has destroyed the image for me.

I love the Dark Knight graphic novels though.

I do hear the new batman is a lot darker…hmmm, maybe…just maybe…

I thought that Hulk sucked real bad.I actually fell asleep. Now Blade was a kick ass movie(btw 3 really sucks balls). The beginning scene in X-Men 2 with Nightclawer was bad ass!


I love the Dark Knight graphic novels though.
[/quote] :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

Man that brings back memories of way too many late nights reading that series and listening to endless amounts of The Cure

BAMF, mo’fo’.

I think this is why I loved the wolverine character so much in the movie, his interaction with the other characters.

W: Who the hell is that?
NC: I am Kurt Wagner, but in the Munich circus…
W: Who cares!


Or from XM1

Cyclops: How do we know he’s the real wolverine?
W: Youre a dick!
Cy: OK.

too funny. I think wolverine will have his own movie soon and then we can have a real long fight with sabertooth.

I’m a huge comic book collector (or was) and fan. I really enjoyed Spiderman 1 & 2 more then the others. It seemed the writers stayed a little bit truer to character.

I had a few problems with the X-Men movies. They put together characters who were most popular without regards to when and how they appeared originally. They rewrote the story of Rogue just for the movie. I like the movies. I thought they were a lot of fun.

I like Punisher too. I did’t read a lot of Punisher comics so I think that helped. I didn’t see the movie with preconcieved notions on what the character should be like.

The Hulk was just a bad movie all around. It had very little to do with original character.

Blade was good. Again, I barely ever read Blade.

I did like the Punisher and the movie the more I think about it. When he was getting his ass kicked by the russian guy, my wife asked,“Why isn’t he dead yet?”

Because it IS a comic book. I like the suspension of disbelief factor in Marvel movies. The Punisher wasn’t a superhero, just a badass guy with a HUGE chip on his shoulder. Like Batman, but unlike him…no utility belt.

I can’t wait to see what’s next. :slight_smile:

It’s a sad sign of our times that the Punisher has morphed over time into a superhero. When he first made his appearance in the comics, his overzealous killing of criminals made him a bad guy. There was even one episode of Spiderman where the Punisher totally flipped out and started mowing down jaywalkers (he got therapy for that, though). But he became so popular that they nudged this bloodthirsty one-man judge/jury/executioner into one of the good guys. He certainly wasn’t originally intended to be a hero.

no one has mentioned it, but the original punisher movie with dolph lundgren sucked ass. i think it was made in like 1990-91. it was horrible, wasnt similar to the comic except his name and his family getting killed. he didnt wear the skull shirt even. its a complete waste of time for anyone who hasnt seen it, same with captain america which came out around the same time. the new punisher i thought was pretty good. i read alot of the comics when i was younger and thought it was pretty well represented.
i liked the hulk as well. it was more than just action, it had a story behind it too. the multi screen shots were cool too, just like a comic. i loved watching him rage out on the tanks. that was more like the comics there, unlike the tv show. i hope they make a second one, since they have the characterization done in the first one. i wish he would have said his trademark “hulk smash”
both x men were good. its a huge comic series with many characters, so its tough to pick which ones to have in the movie and takes a while so everyone knows their background. iam a bit disappointed about all the kids in the movie. iceman shouldnt be that young, same with rogue. i would have liked to see more of cyclops, he is in the comics alot more.
spiderman was alright, i dislike how they changed some of peter/spidey in the way he delivers his web. i thought tobey was too geeky to be peter parker. he is kind of a nerd, but not that bad. i heard somewhere that they are planning something like 6 spiderman movies. spiderman 2 wasnt as good i dont think. they had women screaming too much in it.
i read daredevil, he is pretty good. the movie sucked. i dont know how much to blame on ben affleck and how much on the story. it was hard to distinguish what i disliked more.
as for those coming up i found this

[quote]Marvel Character Feature Film Line-Up For 2005
-Elektra, New Regency/ Fox - Filming completed, Jan. 14, 2005 release
-Fantastic Four, Fox - Filming started, July 1, 2005 release

Marvel Character Feature Film Line-Up For 2006
-X-Men 3, Fox - May 5, 2006 release
-Iron Man, New Line Cinema - Script, Slated for 2006
-Ghost Rider, Sony - Script, Director, Pre-production, Slated for 2006
-Luke Cage, Sony/Columbia - Script, Director, Slated for 2006
-The Punisher 2, Lions Gate - Writer, Director, Slated for 2006
-Deathlok, Paramount - Script, Director, Slated for 2006

Marvel Character Feature Film Line-Up For 2007
-Spider-Man 3, Sony/Columbia - Director, May 4, 2007 release
-Namor, Universal Pictures - Script, Slated for 2007
-The Hulk 2, Universal Pictures - Development, Slated for 2007
-Wolverine, Fox - Development, Slated for 2007

I heard that they were gonna do 3 spiderman movies, not six. Rest and then find a new guy, although I do not know if Macguire will do SM3. My feeling for him was the smae as my feelings for Frodo’s actor…he grew on me, and I later appreciated the casting. Spiderman WAS a teenager when he got his powers. It was good to see him in high school.

I would have LOVED to hear the hulk say “Hulk SMASH! ARRRRGH!” :slight_smile:

Some of these characters, Luke Cage, FF, Ghost Rider, Deatlok, I’m not really familiar with, but I’m sure I’ll see the movies at some point. What I trust is that the characters, which have been developed for years and years, SHOULD be good. Scarlet Witch also I think would be good. I don’t want to see too many Kung Foo type characters: Elektra…I want some POWERS!

How about my all time favorite: Omega! He didn’t even know his powers for a long time!


In Production / On The Drawing Board
Movies Official Site Release Date Company Trailer
Ant-Man Unknown Artisan Entertainment N/A
Black Panther Unknown Artisan Entertainment N/A
Black Widow Unknown Unknown N/A
Blade Trinity August 13, 2004 New Line Cinema N/A
Blade 4 Unknown Unknown N/A
Captain America Unknown Artisan Entertainment N/A
Daredevil II Unknown Regency/20th Century Fox N/A
Deadpool Unknown Artisan Entertainment N/A
Deathlok TBA (2006/2007) Paramount Pictures N/A
Dr. Strange TBA (2005) Dimension Films N/A
Elektra February 18, 2005 20th Century Fox N/A
Fantastic Four July 1, 2005 20th Century Fox N/A
Ghost Rider TBA 2005 Columbia Pictures N/A
Hulk II Spring 2005 Universal Studios N/A
Iron Fist TBA (2006) Artisan Entertainment N/A
Iron Man November, 2005 New Line Cinema N/A
Longshot Unknown Artisan Entertainment N/A
Luke Cage Unknown Unknown N/A
Man-Thing October 2004 Artisan Entertainment N/A
Morbius: the Living Vampire Unknown Artisan Entertainment N/A
Namor: The Sub-Mariner Unknown Universal Studios N/A
Power Pack Unknown Artisan Entertainment N/A
Prime Unknown Universal Studios N/A
The Punisher Click Here April 16, 2004 Lions Gate Films N/A
The Punisher 2 Unknown Unknown N/A
She-Hulk Unknown Unknown N/A
Silver Surfer Unknown Unknown N/A
Spider-Man 2 July 2, 2004 Columbia Pictures N/A
Spider-Man 3 Summer, 2007 Not announced yet N/A
Venom Unknown New LIne N/A
X-Men 3 May 5th, 2006 20th Century Fox N/A

Anybody see the Dr. Strange TV movie from the 1970’s? One of the worst things ever filmed.

Ghost Rider sounds like a winner. How could they possibly mess it up? It’s about a biker with a flaming skull for a head.

I don’t know why nobody’s bought the rights to the Son of Satan. His bikini-wearing mother was Satan’s sex slave in hell, you see. And one group of his enemies were absurdists who didn’t press the advantage when they could have, they explained, because that would have made too much sense.

Deathlok could be cool if they do it like the original comic book. Think Sanford playing the Terminator, and that’s the concept.

Captain America could be cool if set some of it in WW2 (filmed as a b&w newsreel?), then have him awaken in the present day, so he can find out the president is corrupt, like in the Nomad storyline.

Yeah yeah, I know Superman is DC, but here’s the latest: … 20Standard

I watched The Hulk on HBO last night…and uhm

I liked it more.

I don’t care what anyone says…I loved the Hulk movie.