Your Favorite Marvel Movie

That Superman looks like his main squeeze is named Louis, not Lois.

I don’t know, I think he’s got the classic Superman look down. And Superman did always look a bit camp.

I’m a sucker for these (and most other) movies as i am easily entertained. I loved the Blade movies, although i think the first one was by far the best … still got to see #3.

Otherwise Batman has always been a favourite … especially the one with Jim Carey as “The Joker” and Tommy Lee Jones as “Scar Face”. Awesome! (Batman Forever, i think)

I didn’t mind Batman Forever so much, it was the other one, with Arnie in it, that really sucked the hardest.

I was a big batman comic reader. The movies sucked…really. I mean WTF

“ALFRED! Don’t keep telling every tight butted girl I’m Batman! maaaaaan”

The new Batman looks dark…I may go see it.

Well, I maintain that the first one was excellent. The second was OK, and the others… as Batman, they were shit; as movies to themselves, they were passable in the mindless popcorn movie sense. Except the last one. Even as a self-contained popcorn movie that was horrible.

I recall thinking Batman 1…cool…but Keaton? come ON. Batman is a muscled headed genious.

Yeah, but at least Keaton had the personality and presence for Batman and Bruce Wayne. And he does have that “fine line between genius and insanity” thing about him.

Erm…wrong, and wrong. Make that “the Riddler” and “Two-Face”

I ignored that because I am sure that had to be deliberate.