Your Favorite Men / Women Cologne / Perfume

  1. What are some of your fav. colognes and pefumes for men and women??

  2. What are you wearing right now??

Here are mine:
Men - Perry Ellis, Issey Miyaki and Hugo Boss
Women- Cool Water, 212, Giorgio Armani
And I am wearing 212 summer limited edition, which comes in a cute coke-look-alike kind of bottle.

I haven’t used parfume since I take regular shower.


They should bottle high-school-student-going-home fragrance, preferably from a packed bus, preferably in the heat of summer. Taiwan would then have its own WMD in the form of a chemical super-spray to threaten China with.

I prefer the earthy smell myself…

I’m a guy who won’t leave home without smelling good, but I don’t bath in the stuff.

I’ve worn Hugo and Perry Ellis. I prefer CK’s “Truth” right now.

I think that a cologne’s fragrance will generally change a bit once it mixes with a person’s chemistry. I always take a woman with me when I buy a new one, so that she can smell it on me (also makes for a fun date, what with she and I smelling each other :slight_smile: .

Brut 33. “Splash it on all ovah, eh 'enry!”

Both colognes and perfumes have 1st smell (

some people have bought them for me. i dont recall all the names, my guess is:
green bottle - Romeo Gigli
Yellow - Issey Miyaki
Brownish - fahrenheit i think

but since coming to taiwan and asia, i noticed that i have stronger body scent. enough to rival the uncles of my greek friends. so now i have my own. i call it eau de moi. kind of rolls off the tongue.

I think that most of the expensive perfumes and colognes are pleasant enough if used in moderation, especially the musky ones. I’ve long been waiting for Taiwanese to catch on to the delights of squirting on a little of something fragrant before they go out, but still so very few of them do. I love the wonderful array of scents that waft into one’s nostrils from all sides when one takes public transport or wanders around crowded areas in Europe, especially France. And a good scent definitely makes a woman more alluring – I’d say it does a lot more for the averagely good-looking xiaojie than any amount of make-up.

But there are few things worse than a cheap, nasty perfume – especially when the wearer has splashed it all over. It’s almost as bad as the garlic-tobacco-liquor-and-mouth-rot stench exhaled by so many guys on the MRT.

Irish Spring and Old Spice.

Patchouli oil.

Aside from that I knocked of a bottle of something or other that was placed in the toilet of a long haul Singapore airlines flight last year. I didn’t notice that the lid was absent until I’d sobered up the next day. The scent is still with me, and very much with my bag and passport. If I could track it down I’d probably buy a bottle.


Gucci Envy, even though it is a little too much on the 90s side, or CK Be. Guess I am sort of stuck in the 90s.

I’ll probably be lampooned, but I am an Old Spice man. Not the stuff from Arrakis, but it’s as close as I can get.
Women shouldn’t wear perfume. The scent of a woman is not something you want to have on you when you come home, if you catch my drift. :wink:

yummy, i love old spice :blush: ,…do they have that here?

Ha, Wolf, all this talk about not buying cows when the milk’s free and it turns out you’ve got a cow waiting for you at home. :laughing:

I haven’t worn cologne since I got married (no need) :laughing:


Actually if you don’t mind spending money, I recommend Di Santa Maria Novella products. Their cologne is 4500NT bottle. I recommend their Verbena Eau De Cologne.

[quote=“Bu Lai En”]I haven’t worn cologne since I got married (no need) :laughing:


That’s what you think.

[quote]Bu Lai En wrote:
I haven’t worn cologne since I got married (no need)


That’s what you think.[/quote]

Are you suggesting that there’s a reason other than pulling for wearing cologne?


I remember visiting the Fragonard in Eze, France when I was in high school and gettign a sample of a perfume called “Soleil”. It’s the only commercial perfume that I have ever truly liked. I am a citrus person and prefer the Body Shop’s grapefruit ginger oil to anything with someone’s name slapped on it.