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Side Hustle School
History of English
Wait Wait

One? Probably “In Our Time”. Not one that I always listen to right away, but in a desert island situation, that’s what I’d take. Melvyn Bragg talks to three academic experts about a topic. One week it may be mitochondria, the next week the assassination of Julius Caesar, the next week about neutron stars.

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It’s the Grand Master of Forumosa. :astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished:

listening to nosleepPodcast these days

I listen to Joe Roe Rogan Experience, Bill Burr, Church of Whats Happening Now with Joey Diaz

I also listen to the following MMA podcasts: Heavy Hands, Fights Gone By and Believe You Me with Michael Bisping

Bill Simmons, Cyclingtips, Giant Bombcast, Tiger Belly.

It depends…
A short one? The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe
A tech one? TechStuff
A historian one? The History of China
A religious one? The Word On Fire Show
A newscast one? Taiwan This Week
A storytelling one? Myths and Legends
A musical one? Caipirinha Appreciation Society

@RickRoll Probably ones that run at least an hour long, as they allow you to go deeper in a subject. And I take an unfortunately long time to fold my laundry, which is not by choice.

@GooseEgg So I imagine they are ranked for ya

@Zapman @OrangeOrganics A couple of votes for Joe Rogan! I might start with a Bill Burr ep, if he’s ever been on it.

@lostinasia Cool deal. What do you listen to right away? Yeah, Quality > quantity in this case, if I wanted a long list would’ve just went on itunes for it :+1:t2:

Oh. I also don’t really find radio play type stuff interesting. I get my fiction stories from audiobooks. I’d prefer my podcasts rooted in real life things, and ideally they are funny but if not, they better be interesting or entertaining. Otherwise they’re no better than those full lectures that Harvard posts up online.

I only listen to Bilburr Baggins while I eat breakfast each day… choking on food is a daily chore now. XD
Most recent video: Attic farts. check it out if you haven’t already.

Also, Acetate!!! I’m getting too excited!

Even waking up with Sam Harris is cool sometimes. Used to listen to Russel Brand’s rants, at some point.

Expect for the first one I’ve recommended, they all run for about 40 min to 1.5h. Enough time do food and iron some clothes (I’m talking by experience) :smile:

Listen to right away? That’s more based on my schedule and when the podcasts are released. Slate Political Gabfest, mainly because politics moves so fast these days that it’ll be three news cycles out of date if I wait until evening. The Flophouse (three guys watch a bad movie and talk about it, which was a tiny bit original when they started and, as they admit, is now very, very common), because it often shows up right around the time I’m going to bed on Saturday evening. TV recap/review podcasts get priority as well.

Podcasts are a weird medium: you start to feel like you know the hosts, even though of course you don’t - it must be slightly uncomfortable for podcasters when they meet someone who’s been listening to them for a long time. My favorites are ones like The Incomparable, Bald Move, and Bores Gore & Swords, not so much because I think they’re fantastic, but because I’ve been listening for so long that, in a way that becomes more pathetic the more I think about it, it’s like listening to a bunch of old friends.

There’s a picture I can’t find now that sums it up well: a chubby guy eating with a grin on his face, sitting beside a cardboard cutout of glamorous people eating the same food.

Haha acetate. One of my favorites is the big tears incident. Fur meeee is also pretty great.

For years I used to prefer the episodes with just Bill. But lately I’ve been really amused by Nia’s presence. That bickering is hilarious.

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If you’re into more deep dives into real life stories, “Reply All” has had some really good episodes and Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell can be enlightening.

My personal favorite: A now defunct podcast that is funny (not in a stand up comedy way), sometimes emotional but always entertaining is ‘Mystery Show’. Only 1 season and the best episodes are Source Code and Belt Buckle.

In the same vain as ‘Mystery Show’ and kinda a clone of that show is ‘Heavyweight’. It has had some good episodes but the ‘host’ can be a love-or-hate type of comedic presence.

scraping her face with toilet paper going “Big Tears! Big Tears” XD

It’s just so funny how she just naively plays along with his bullshit all the time.

Do they invite the subjects to talk about their own stories

Oh man, I think she’s acutely aware. That’s what makes it funny

Never could understand the draw of podcasts and never had the time. Tried Joe Rogan a couple times, now I’m addicted. It’s been on in the background now for a couple days instead of music.

Man, lots of votes for rogan. Bumping him to the top of my laundry folding playlist.

Elon Musk talking about AI and AR on Joe Rogan podcast, wow.

Just finished all the best of 1400 Joe Rogan podcasts.

Lot’s of good stuff, and lot’s of repetition on his interests.

Just back from a trip, and I see we got Ben Shapiro and Kevin Hart. good stuff