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Just finished all the best of 1400 Joe Rogan podcasts.

Lot’s of good stuff, and lot’s of repetition on his interests.

Just back from a trip, and I see we got Ben Shapiro and Kevin Hart. good stuff

Horror- The Magnus Archives
Long Format Interviews- Lex Fridman

Mostly enjoy this. I like how it gets better as you go along. Sometimes wish he’d redo some of the earlier episodes.

Anything Dan Carlin does is great listening. I just love his voice too. Hardcore history is the most commonly known one, but his political pod Common Sense was always nice too. Recommend “Prophets of Doom” on the Münster Anabaptist Uprising, but I’m not sure if it’s on the free cycle rn. Prob not. He has a cycle of eps for free,usually more recent ones or complete series, and the old ones go behind a very cheap paywall. Well worth the price. I’ve bought them all.

Otherwise, for German language, Geschichten aus der Geschichte is a personal favorite.

If I want just some fun vaguely informative pod, usually listen to Well There’s Your Problem, which is nominatively about engineering disasters, which they do cover, but I come back for the interplay between the hosts.

There are others, but this has got long enough.

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Rogan’s pursuit of things he thinks everybody should know about, especially the borderline conspiracy crap (aliens and their past visits to Earth in particular), is getting thin but I’m still glad that full podcasts are back on YouTube. I’m not a fan of Spotify, and I already pay to not watch ads on yt, so.

Anyway, Chris Rufo follows two comedians (Williams then Soder) as the third full-length interview in the return to yt. Ought to be a good, or at least a recent glimpse into the wonderful world of woke!

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That was awesome.

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Cool, will take a look later.

Came across it when reading about the Anabaptists for a uni course. Does a wonderful job of narrativizing both the context and the rebellion itself. Super good.

It’s wild that story isn’t known all that well outside German speaking regions.

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Rogan #2148 (Gad Saad) is worth a listen. I think this is Saad’s tenth appearance but I still appreciate his take on events, even though he probably over-applies evolutionary psychology.

That said, it’s a little sad when, about 2 hours in, Saad asks Joe which historical figure, living or dead, he would invite to a dinner party. Saad goes first and tosses Rogan a softball with his choice, Leonardo da Vinci. Rogan’s choice is Hunter S Thompson. I mean wtf, I loved HST when I was a teen in 1970, but to make him first choice?

So Rogan is still genuine, which in 2024 I prize highly in my media choices. Good or bad, just give it to me straight.

Alcohol and drugs from one of the mid-century founding fathers, and Rogan IS drugs, at least the heavy mind altering ones.

I liked his first ~1400 episodes but then he went off the deep end.

I think he’s at ~2100 podcasts now.

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I thought so, too, but I’ve changed my mind. In fact, in this episode (#2148), Rogan readily admits a former weakness for Big Foot conspiracy theories, and hilariously explains why he gave it all up (one reason: there are no black believers in Big Foot).

What I like about Rogan is that he’s both genuinely curious and perfectly willing to admit error. That’s rare and, to me, valuable. I still learn things, too, even with Rogan in the conversation.

I stopped listening when he was with Spotify exclusively because I hate that platform (one example: never signed up for premium and the app - on an Apple TV - would always make me sign in every time I opened it, even if I left for an hour or so). Now that he’s back on YouTube I’ve been watching/listening again.

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The Full Nerd is pretty good.

ESG Detectives

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