Your favorite sports podcasts?

since tempogain has deprived me of all things fun of an open forum, i’m going easy on it and just ask you guy, if you guys have any preferred sports podcasts?

I thought it’s a thread on sports podcasts in chinese.

Well this is pretty specific but John Butchko really does a solid job

i’m sorry, first thread was in the wrong section. but if you know of any chinese sports podcast, feel free to share it

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i’m sure @hansioux knows a podcast in hakka about the latest news in go.

Book of Basketball 2.0 is fantastic.

I probably have a dozen other sports podcasts that I subscribe to but of the standard variety - Cowherd and The Ringer and Wiley. Ryen Russillo is not bad when he’s talking about the NBA though generally I prefer him as a guest than as the host.

I’m an active listener on almost everything on The Ringer (Bill Simmon’s stuff).