Your favourite kids TV programmes from the '70s and '80s

My absoluite favourite was Space 1999. That was cool beyond words.
These are some other faves in no particular order.
Bionic man (6 million dollar man?)
The A team
Knight Rider
The Red Hand Gang (was that a film or a series?)
The Incredible Hulk
Womder Woman
Scooby Doo (the pre-Scrappy years)
Various Hanna-Barbara cartoons flintstones, huckleberry hound, touche turtle, that picnic basket filching bear and boo-boo (forgot!)
Starssky and Hutch
Solo One
Chopper Squad
Buck rogers

UK only (probably)
Mr Ben
Rhubarb and Custard
Grange Hill
Blake’s Seven
Dr. Who (Tom Baker only)
King Rollo
You and Me
Jamie and the magic torch
Swap Shop
Kenny Everett (not for kids really but we still watched it)
Mr. Men
The famous five
Battle of the Planets
Animal magic
Tony Hart and morph

What have I missed out?

Programmes I never cared much for:
Ivor the Engine
Thomas the Tank Engine
Blue Peter
John Craven’s Newsround
Andy Pandy
The smerfs

OMG Rainbow! Did you ever see that video doing the rounds on the Web, the “do you want to play with my twanger” Rainbow clip? Classic… I didn’t remember it being so innuendo-laden :laughing:

Stig of the Dump
Chocky’s Children
The Muppet Show
Transformers (not gobots)
Dogtanian(sp) and the Three Muskahounds (hated the theme tune tho)

Misfits of Science
Thundercats (“Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight!”)
Samurai Pizza Cats

Oh, I think we had this in South Africa, in Afrikaans. Brakenjan, or something? Was it the one with the dogs barking the theme tune?

Auto Man
Max Headrom

God, how could I have forgotten Automan! :astonished:

Gilligan’s Island
:rainbow: :bouncy:

Miami Vice
:rainbow: :bouncy:

(OK, it’s not strictly a kid’s show, but it is the one that I remember the most from high school.

The Dukes of Hazzard!!

My fave would have to be Tiswas - Lenny Henry as, er, Aljenon Spencer Churchill Disraeli Gladstone Razzamatazz and that guy who would sing ‘Mule Train’ while beating himself over the head with a metal tray. And the cage, of course.

I went to a nightclub once in the early nineties that ran video recordings of Tiswas on all their TV screens. People just stood around waiting for the phantom flan flinger. Classic! This is what they want!

Oh, I think we had this in South Africa, in Afrikaans. Brakenjan, or something? Was it the one with the dogs barking the theme tune?[/quote]

one for all and all for one
muskahounds are always ready
one for all and all for one helping everybody
one for all and all for one… da da da da da- da

WKRP in Cincinnati.

[I didn’t read the part where it said ‘kid shows’.]

How about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Ahhhh, TV - well, I was a child throughout virtually all of the 70s and 80s so as far as I’m concerned anything I watched is fair game. In those days it was harder to divide ‘children’s’ from ‘adult’s’ programming anyway. All of these shows bring a sappy nostalgic smile to my face:

Thunderbirds - 6am every weekday - a generation of kids had literally NOTHING else to watch
Sesame Street - when Grover was still around, dammit, and Elmo wasn’t
Play School - some of the stars of Australian musical theatre worked this show, but I didn’t learn that till much later
Romper Room - damn you Miss Helena and your magic mirror
Magic Roundabout
Curiosity Show - watch me put this egg into this milk bottle!
Hey Hey It’s Saturday - I’m sorry, Australians, but you watched it too, don’t deny it. A unique evening variety show presented by a former children’s TV host and his fluffy pink ostrich sidekick… and one of the longest running Australian TV programs in history
Skippy - what is it Skip? A helicopter with two passengers has crash-landed in the scrub three kilometres to the south-east?

Sigmund the Sea Monster
Banana Splits
(na na NA na na na na…)
Muppet Show
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
(be-deep be-deep)
Six Million Dollar Man
Incredible Hulk
Man From Atlantis
Wonder Woman

Dr Who (the Baker years)
Batman (live action)
Get Smart
(does anyone know this show?)
Star Trek (technically 60s but they repeated it enough)

Great Grape Ape
Rocky and Bullwinkle
(esp. Fractured Fairy Tales)
Hong Kong Phooey
Groovy Ghoulies
Looney Tunes
(esp. Wabbit Season, Duck Season, Road Runner and Duck Dodgers)
Justice League America

Benny Hill Show (wholesome viewing for the whole family…)
Paul Hogan Show

Best children’s show ever - Press Gang

[quote]Best children’s show ever - Press Gang[/quote]I agree with this, wouldn’t have seemed like a children’s show if it wasn’t for the time it was on. Launched the the career of Julia Sawalha, who I started fancying back then.[quote]Incredible Hulk[/quote]Insterestingly the biggest audience was adult women, then adult men, then children.[quote]Thunderbirds - 6am every weekday - a generation of kids had literally NOTHING else to watch[/quote]I’ve got every episode on DVD, and Captain Scarlet (which was much superior). Saw a trailer for the Jonathan Frakes movie, happy to see the Thunderbirds look the same.

1.) The Muppet Show rocked.

2.) I liked HR Puffinstuff.

3.) Batman

4.) The Wide World of Disney on Sunday Nights.

Shows I remember but can’t name.

Will and his sister and dad being chased around by dinosaurs and sleestacks.

Three or four bee people at odds with a witch.

Agreed… she shoudl have been the next Helena Bonham Carter, but she went downhill when she joined Ab Fab.

My fave shows from when I was a kid - The Goodies, Transformers.

Any European remembers Signor Rossi, La Linea, Biene Maya, Wicky und die starken Maenner? Gosh, I’ve watched these lately again and it was sooooo funny…

Paul Daniel’s magic show
Cheggers plays pop
It’s a knockout

Unfortunately you lot shipped it our way too. And it scarred me for life; you know that TV stuff they play on the buses here? I swear to god one of the guys in one of the TV shows they advertise on that is like the Chinese version of Molly Meldrum.

And the Goodies-created cartoon, BANANAMAN (“When he eats a banana, he is Bananaman!”)

And I have to admit, when I was but a lad Sailor Moon had a certain fascination… :blush:

DANGERMOUSE for obvious reasons.

Any UK peeps remember Choc-a-block, King Rollo and Mr. Ben?

Bagpus - My all time favourite episode was the one with the mice and chocolate biscuits.

Dungeons and Dragons. Also the virtual reality game show, NIGHTMARE.

In my later “youngster” years I used to enjoy “woof.”

There were loads…I could go on…

Ahh! Nearly forgot! Grange Hill.

Did anyone else mention Kenny Everett… ? :notworthy: