Your Head is So Big and Cute

Have any men had Taiwan women say this to them? I’ve never heard this in my life but I seem to hear somewhat frequently in Taiwan that the head above my shoulders is so big and cute.

Only the lower one

Never heard anyone say that.

Take any compliment you can get
Don’t look any compliment in the mouth or the head

sounds like one of those sly underhanded compliments if u ask me. those things are pretty common here. not really into them myself!

Thinking the other side of sugarcoating… Have you ever heard of “double entendre”?
Your head/shoulder is so big could means that your upper body too small for ur head/shoulder.

A cute head? No this is not common and I can’t say I’ve heard this before. You sure you’re not confusing it with something else? Like, he’s so strong or so handsome? Or maybe you’re just cute so that’s a good thing to be happy about

Never heard that before, neither directed at me or at other people.

Taiwanese people rarely say what they really think… Most compliments are part of the culture, they don’t really mean it., they don’t really even think about it. Some compliments are meant as a subtle insult, i guess it depends who says it and why. I’m ABC so I see a lot of this. To prove a point many shop keepers or friends/relatives will always greet males with “Tsui Gue” It means Handsome… or Mei Ni pretty girl.They use it so much it has no meaning. Many other compliments are used the same way its just the culture of Mengzhi and giving/saving face… So much of Chinese cultural interactions is about this…its a facade…Most of what they’re thinking is categorizing you, trying to figure out how much you’re worth, your social standing, your educational background etc and unless you live here a long time you won’t know this. Most will write off 99% foreigners as teachers or tourists. They would generally respect you more if you’re a Tourist because you likely have a good job or money back home, of course they will never disrespect you to your face. This whole Mengzhi thing is what Is holding back Taiwan today, it may have been useful at one time but not anymore. This is one area I generally appreciate western culture more, people are more genuine overall with what they say…generally.

You have the worst pinyin in the history of the universe.

  1. Shuaige 帥哥
  2. Meiniu 美女
  3. Mianzi 面子

Also stop saying “they”; its alienating. Say “people here”.


I’m afraid that I haven’t ever been told such kindred words here in Taiwan yet. Savor those compliments, sir. :wink:

True, true my Pinyin is non existent… They is just lazier for me to type 50% less work :wink:

True, its better than no compliments… Have a :taco:

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Don’t believe what a woman says but what she does.
If she says you’re cute, good-looking, etc, but in fact turns down your invitation to hang out together, it means she’s not being completely honest about what she says. Simple as that.

She may indeed think you are cute or good looking but too mafan or an asshole or too poor. Life’s complicated

And then some.
As I’ve mentioned before, common lore among the Mrs and her mates when they were young and single was “You can marry handsome, or you can marry rich”
So it may be immaterial how “cute and big” the OP’s noggin is, if the young lady in question is Seeking the old Samolians.

meinü, not “beautiful cow”.

“they” is the third-person plural pronoun, subjective case, in the English language. There’s nothing wrong with using it.

By the way, to the OP: do you actually have a big head? Locals can sometimes make remarks about people’s stand-out features (in a way that Westerners are taught from birth not to do), but then they modify it with a compliment of some kind to soften the blow and cover their ass, as if to say “I notice you have a big head. I don’t mean to insult you by saying this; it’s just an observation.”

It’s probably just a hyper-correction. You can only listen to ignorant foreigners order lady meat with lady milk so many times before you go all Pavlovian on the syllable. :woman: :cut_of_meat: :woman: :milk_glass: :runaway: :cow:

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Now I’m beginning to wonder… No one in my life has told me that.

Maybe I should go see a big head doctor or just a doctor with a big head for confirmation.

I don’t think I’ve ever looked at someone and thought hey they have a big head.

I’ve been told.i have a big head but when I try headphones on I have room to spare.
What’s that about ?