Your last chance to ask

In anticipation of meltdown in the forumosan economy I have withdrawn all my guanxi from the bank and decided to become a cybermonk.

All my guanxi will be given away in the coming days. Ask, and ye shall receive.

As Wolfie said: It’s the thought that counts.

you want begging letters. like those sent to lottery winners, or are you just giving it out? I’ll take some, to rub around in Shalu. Xie Xie Ni.

If you give me some, I will have a word with the boss and get you a good place in heaven, with a balcony and jacuzzi and thousands of virgins and everything.

I foresee the millennium bug crisis at Forumosa, but instead of Dec 31, 1999 it will be Feb 13 2004

A thousand each to Patterson and the good father. Spend it while you can.

Robinson, begging is no fit occupation for a man. Get a job, you lazy git.

i’m going to give all my guanxi to the newest member when I log on tomorrow. That’ll confuse them :smiling_imp:


I am going to take it with me.

Sure, I’ll take some to make up for your ignoring my last PM. :frowning:

[quote=“Bassman”]I am going to take it with me.[/quote]No you’re not, hehe :smiling_imp:
My last chance to interfere with someone else’s guanxi

Big evil-moderator-power-abusing Matthew

Fine, I am the king of the cyber-brothel. I will send you one cyber-babe for each point of guanxi. :smiling_imp:

Straggie, old bean, I suggest you invest your guanxi in a short term high risk investment. Maybe could start up a casino, where guanxi is won and lost by playing games like blackjack etc? Comments? :bulb:

Thanks strag. time to spend. watch out shalu, im all guanxi-ed up!

Matthew, will you please delete all the guanxi given to anybody who has subsequently called me ‘strag’, ‘stragi’, or anything similar?

Ophion, 1000 to you and my humble apologies. I was distracted, and there’s nothing I could add to what’s already in the fora anyway. You know the answer to your questions anyway.

Robinson, which moderator is going to be cyber-ravished to death for giving you all that guanxi? You have way more than me already. I have all your cyber-babes already anyway.

Woooooooo hooooooooo!!!

I have all the BIG goodies now! Yeah, baby!

Do I make you randy baby, well, do I?

bass man, gimme that tower boy.

I think I am the only poster here in this thread w/ least quanxi…

tell me how you guys did it…!!! I wanna know… I don’t mind rubbing the bank… hahahaha :smiley:

I’m always a sucker for a donation to a monk. Here’s all of mine :laughing:.

Miaka!?! Rubbing the bank?!?!

Oh my god! Can I be the bank? Can I? Can I? Mattheeew!!

Thanks for the sop. The rest is true enough, of course. My intention was largely to put out a greeting and coax forth a narrative. Perhaps I should have been less circumspect (yet I always am told that the British appreciate such behavio(u)r!).


gimme 1000 so i can change my user back to the original.

my identity crisis is over and I’m ready once again to be Jack Burton. alas, I am about 990 guanxi short.