Your most Serendipitous meeting anywhere


I met an old student after not seeing him for a few years as I was walking on the street.
As, it turned out I would need him. I needed a doctor a few years later to cut
out my skin Cancer. He knew every doctor in Taipei since he sold medical books to most. This was in Taipei a number of years ago.


Meeting my future wife and mother of my child, duh.

If you mean besides that obvious one then I once ran into one of my old students in a cafe in Sydney, which was cool and unexpected. She didn’t give me any referrals for skin cancer doctors, but we did catch up over coffee.


Also wife. I got mugged and beaten up in Vietnam in 2006, after I left hospital in Thailand I met 2 guys drinking on a rug in the street. Hung out for a few days and kept in touch. After I decided to come to Taiwan, one of them said he owned a bar, so I got here and hung out there because I had nothing else to do, having just arrived. The daytime worker is now my wife. Good job, mugging guy.


He mugs because he loves.


Vietnam hospitals were so bad that they sent you to a hospital in Thailand?!


Yeah, I didn’t really understand that either…


Heh that was mostly my own choice, the local doctor rubbed some oil on my knee, but I mainly wanted to just get out of the country, so opted to go back to Bangkok.