Your MOST USED headphones/earphones/earbuds

(At home if I need to use headphones over just playing stuff over speakers, I’ll use a pair of Sennheisers.) When I’m out and about, I used to bring a pair of Marshalls that I wouldn’t cry over if stolen or lost:

BUT now, those damn airpods are so motherf’n convenient and portable that the bluetooth headphones have just been sitting around collecting dust.

Obviously, airpods aren’t noise cancelling nor do they have the best quality sound. But I can just pop them in my jean pocket and go, and honestly that convenience has proven to be the most decisive factor in how frequently I pick them up over my other ones.

RIP non-airpod bluetooth headphones.

What’s your most used audio playback device? (P.S. I heard great things about Jabra earbuds, if anyone wants to share their experience, feel free)

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I use the Sony WH 1000XM3

Pricy at 300$ but it’s great for travel and music. Noise canceling is excellent. This is after years of using Bose QC.

Damn lol, that’s a big boy. You usually go out with some form of bag/backpack? (How do you carry it around)

Brave. I wouldn’t want to regularly carry my Sennheisers out and about (might shed a tear and a half if lost or stolen).

Yes. I travel with a back pack usually. It’s not that big really. It folds into a pretty compact shape.

It was meant for travel with the noise canceling. And it’s extremely comfortable.

Audio Technica ath-m50x. I love the well-rounded sound, not too bland but not too much fake bass either. It is wired though.

I’m thinking about these Bose QC 30 for just day to day use. It’s really hot walking around with headphones.

But also pricey. 250$


Ever thought of getting wireless ones? You wouldn’t think it’d be worth the money but once you experience that freedom you’d be hard pressed to go back.

Yeah, that’s another thing when I’m deciding which headphones to bring out (I also own a few other pairs, including an old discontinued wired skullcandy/roc nation over ears, which even though not HD, are the softest, least exhausting to wear over a lengthy duration – and they’re super affordable, too).

Plus, I like to work out in the outdoors. Hike, run, skateboard, whatever. Actual cans just feel a bit too bulky for me. I like to go out unencumbered. I get the attraction for noise cancelling and over ear headphones though, I do miss them at times and wish the airpods would produce richer, louder and fuller sounds.

If you’re thinking of true wireless earbuds, I hear Jabra has some of the best ones around – go to a store and try em out if you can.

Once you go wireless, it’s hard to go back. So much more comfortable and convenient. Although earbuds are easy to lose.

I’ve never tried Jabra before. I have some beats by Dre. I use their sports wireless one for working out.


AirPods. I bought them when they first came out because I was hard on cords, always catching them here or there.

Sound quality isn’t the best. No noise cancelling whatsoever. However, I’ve used them far, far, far more than any other brands combined in the past few years.

Airpods? Where can I find them in Kaohsiung Pingtung? How much?
Mine would be used with audio books for radio shows so high fidelity is not a concern.
I heard they have less RF risk than Bluetooth or even the wired headsets My trouble is with cords.
While biking or hiking the get caught or pinched by something. One Little snag and one channel is gone. I believe chords where once more rugged.

I assume your closest Apple store. $200

I bought these wireless earbuds at the Taipei 101 Sony store for about $1200 and they have been good, I used to use significantly more expensive ones but the differences aren’t worth the pricier tag

Philips x2/27, great for home

It’s not really that great. Ok for working out, but I’m picky when it comes to sound.

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Regular commuting around the city - airpods for sure. The convenience trumps all. I also like how there’s not much noises cancellation so I can just leave one in my ear for phone calls to come in even if I’m not listening to music.

Sony has an earbud version of your headphones too so if you wanna stay in that eco system, you can.

(Alt, Powerbeats Pro by Dre is also allegedly better than AirPods)

I had the Sony noise canceling earbuds. They had a lag on video. And never fixed it. I would recommend against them for this.

…Didn’t they just come out

Oh I didn’t know they made a new one. I was talking about WF-1000X