Your MOST USED headphones/earphones/earbuds

Correct. I also like how I can just plop them down on a charging mat and charge, no need to f with a cable.

Did u also know the rock made ones with JBL too, complete with golden carabiners and everything :joy:

This spot is equally shared between two:

  1. Sennheiser HD650s for rock, band based stuff, and anything post 1950.

  2. Hifiman HE 400I for classical and acoustic folk/roots.

Both powered by the Schiit stack.

Fantastic sound for both. Mind you, both are wired, and both for home use only.


That’s the thing. At home unless late at night, I prefer to enjoy music unencumbered. Got Atmos set up in the living room as well. So 99% the only time I wear anything is when I’m outside.

The regular cheap Sony in-ears. No lag or other issues, but sometimes they only last a year.

Ah, this is where I saw it.

The Beats look stupid.

Has anybody worn them with sunglasses (or regular glasses for that matter)? The charging case is the size of a small taxi.

I’m using Sabbat E12, and I’m loving it.
Best wireless TWS Bluetooth earbuds I ever had!
Cheap and still great quality. Light, low profile and long lasting battery. What else could you ask for?

Ugh, I’ve been thinking about getting these but it makes me feel sick to patronize Apple any more than I already have. Are there any other wireless earbuds that are compatible with the iPhone, or have they successfully managed to make airpods the only viable option?

any of them that have Bluetooth can be used. IMO airpods are overpriced and there are better options at that price range.

Airpods are not bad, but there are better sound quality for that price range.

Know anything specific?

Sony WF-1000XM3 also has noise cancelling.

The one I just mentioned above. Sabbat E12.
It also has noise cancellation and comes with 7 pairs of silicon buds to best adapt to your ear.


Those look real clunky to carry around. They also wired(?).

Only for the home. They’re open back, wouldn’t be too great outdoors. Definitely wired

Why would you need headphones at home? Just set up some dope ass monitors.

Edit: Ooooh. :flushed:
Well, live your best life, man. But I will say some things enhance the couple/marital relationship rather than the opposite. Lol.

Mostly for nighttime :slight_smile: People in this smallish apartment have strange ideas about liking to watch TV undisturbed by Sonic Youth say, and the neighbors probably wouldn’t be too enthused about Autechre or something blasting over my dope ass monitors at 12:30 AM either :slight_smile:

You don’t have to sit in the same room? My buddy and I enjoy different entertainment at the same time in separate rooms, all the time.

We coexist peacefully.

We have to sit in the same room. But at the volume I find necessary to listen to Vektor, it wouldn’t matter too much :slight_smile:


Of course you do, of course.

Please give my best to the lovely Mrs.

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This is Taiwan remember? We only have one room. I do have a set of Klipsch monitors for daytime use! Morning is an issue too–people complain when they get awaken by an Aphex Twin deathcore set