Your next set of rubber

takes a while to get used to the look,but if it’s cheap and safe it might just catch on…

nice to see the frenchs leading the way,again… :smiley:


I like Sandman’s set of rubber (as you so nicely put it). Makes his arse look “just right”.


WTLD[/quote]Fixed that for ya! :wink:

D for decade rather than day, I suppose. It would almost be funny if it wasn’t so depressingly true.

The truth hurts eh?

<-- checking his own butt in the mirror…

someone’s gonna let me know what’s that wtlw/y/d malarkey,or one need to be in the clique to know?

Welcome To Last Week / Year / Decade :wink:

It’s a short (and supposedly funny) way of saying thanks, but this is old news. :stuck_out_tongue: FTW! (For The Win)