Your Opinion of Chen Shui-Bian


A person achieves success from a low start in life is something to be applauded, I think. Things they do later in life can fairly be criticised.

Canadian murdered in Yonghe

Did he show you his bullet wounds?


Presumably it would be a scar by now.


I only shared a table with him. Wife’s side of the family did the talking.


I liked A-Bien as Taipei mayor. As president, not so much.


I have no opinion on the man. I’ve yet to achieve a momentum of interest on cross strait politics.


How could you have no opinion on him ?

You weren’t here those years ?


I was, just.


Seems like you weren’t really or you would have an opinion. :grin:

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Opinions are very important.


Just like arseholes, everybody should have one.
I always have a few to give away, opinions that is.


Ok, what’s your opinion on the man?


I only knew him from his Presidential days. He generated a lot of hot air . An actor at times.
Probably he started off idealistically enough but since he didn’t have the legislature he really couldn’t get much done.
He and his wife and family got very greedy smuggling money and jewels to the US. They also bought properties in Taichung. He claimed to be holding a slush fund for Taiwan’s security blah blah.

He played the 'we minnan people ’ card at the end when electioneering, I remember it well. I didn’t like that because it alienated large other sections of Taiwan’s population .

The bullet thing was an obvious setup. The guy who manufactured the gun mysteriously died later.

I give him maybe 6 out of 10 given the circumstances he was thrown into and that many parts of govt were conspiring against him.

I think he should have spent a year in jail in an open prison, I don’t like the way the KMT went after him.


I always thought the KMT were fools for locking him up. If they really wanted to screw over the DPP, they should have set him free so he could be in the news all the time.


Seems all he did was rename things and remove CKS statues.


He really let me down. He needs to just go away if he ever loved Taiwan, he’s doing more damage than good.


The first post is canadian murdered in yonghe then title chen shuei bien popularity…im confused.


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The question on most people’s mind nowadays is: Is he faking the trembling of his hands? Not quite the legacy a former president would like to leave behind.


No matter what he still deserves credit for the work he did for the democratization of Taiwan. Going way back to the Dangwai days he was always prepared to stand up to the KMT scum and fight the good fight.

Also he was a pretty good mayor I thought.

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