Your Taiwanese (not biological) sister for health or medical assistance - can I help?

Hi, everyone!

I know it can get kinda confusing when you try to find good medical assistance in foreign country: the rules, health insurance, doctors, medical language, the cultural differences…

I have 10+ years experience studying and working as a nurse in Taiwan. I also have a New York State Registered Nursing License. I’m available to give advice about using Taiwan’s healthcare system and, if necessary, I can accompany you to the clinic or hospital.

The initial consultation is free! So, I welcome any questions!

I am offering my first 10 clients a 50% off discount. Please help me improve my service!

Here’s a link to my website:



Your Taiwanese sister

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Here’s my LinkedIn page, really appreciate GooseEgg’s advice and help!
Feel free to take a look my experience, and I have more clinic side working experience I didn’t mention on LinkedIn~

Would help if you mentioned somewhere your pricing. I assume this is a money-making venture and no charity

NT$500 for consultation - 1 to 3 options provided

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“Medical Translation - Price: Depends”

If you need, I can help you with it, and the trial cost will be 300 an hour.

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First thing first, evaluate your injured level.

If it is just a scrape, you can go to the nearby clinic( family medicine, dermatology, general surgery, orthopedics… etc).

Here are some words that might help you to communicate with the staff about your symptoms.

Read my article through the link! :blush:

Feel free to message me!

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