Your Taiwanese (not biological) sister for health or medical assistance - can I help?

Hi, everyone!

I know it can get kinda confusing when you try to find good medical assistance in foreign country: the rules, health insurance, doctors, medical language, the cultural differences…

I have 10+ years experience studying and working as a nurse in Taiwan. I also have a New York State Registered Nursing License. I’m available to give advice about using Taiwan’s healthcare system and, if necessary, I can accompany you to the clinic or hospital.

The initial consultation is free! So, I welcome any questions!

I am offering my first 10 clients a 50% off discount. Please help me improve my service!

Here’s a link to my website:



Your Taiwanese sister

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Here’s my LinkedIn page, really appreciate GooseEgg’s advice and help!
Feel free to take a look my experience, and I have more clinic side working experience I didn’t mention on LinkedIn~

Would help if you mentioned somewhere your pricing. I assume this is a money-making venture and no charity

NT$500 for consultation - 1 to 3 options provided

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“Medical Translation - Price: Depends” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

If you need, I can help you with it, and the trial cost will be 300 an hour.

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