You're living in a new culture - get used to it and learn!

Hey all,

I’m gonna get flamed to hell for it, but ;

FOR F***'S SAKE, you’re living in a new culture a long, long way away from home. Learn lessons, enjoy yourselves, but please, stop critisising the Taiwanese and their ways at every step.

Remember, this is a culture that has evolved from an agricultural to an industrial/commercuial culture in a very short time. No wonder things are a bit odd at time. It will sort itself out. If you’re REALLY bothered, get involved in politics.

However, this is a good forum to have a whinge to like-minded people… so with that in mind it’s time for my whinge.

My girlfriend is Taiwanese (we met in the UK), and last night (Friday) she finished at half past eleven as she was writing the minutes for a meeting that finished at seven PM, ready for a meeting on Saturday morning at 9AM. Her and her friends were sitting there chatting at 9PM. I went in to collect her, and during the hour I waited, they did 10 minutes work. How wierd is that ? Anyone else seen this “long hours, low work rate” culture ?

Non-citizens are forbidden by law from getting involved in politics, so that piece of advice is totally useless. And why do you tell everyone else to stop complaining, and then immediately start whining about Taiwanese people’s work practices? What a hypocrite!

I agree with your observation about “long hours, low productivity per hour”.

Same sort of phenomenon in education here: the important thing is how long your butt is on the chair in the same room with the teacher, NOT how much you learn or how much is made comprehensible to you. It’s a weird sort of face game. The students try to do other things and the teacher goes on and on and neither pays attention to the other and everyone is perfectly convinced that’s how it should be! Again, shockingly low productivity per hour of work.

I’ve always worked a per-piece job (translation paid per word) so I guess I have a more immediate understanding of what an hour is and how much I can earn during it… :sunglasses:

Dear Traveller,

It is YOU who is living in a new culture; the culture of SEGUE.
You obviously have a lot to learn.
This is a forum for people to EXPRESS THEIR VIEWS including, but not limited to, thoughts, feelings, and COMPLAINTS ABOUT TAIWAN.
Get used to it.


travelling - no offense but you’re not saying anything that hasn’t already been said a zillion times in numerous other threads. You could search the archives.


So should you, Maoman!

~ahem~ I was being facetious. :unamused:


It is YOU who is living in a new culture; the culture of SEGUE.

You obviously have a lot to learn.

Get used to it.[/quote]

Come to think of it, these would all make great Segue slogans!

Yeah, Segue is the place where people can exercise the first amendment. And it is good for people to let out some of their thoughts and ideas and share it with others who find it difficult to adjust to new cultures especially if its their first time.

I enjoy the fact that I am not the only one always saying, “Wat da?!” everytime I see something weird happening here

…and I am Taiwanese…just been out of the island too long…

Ah yes, I too make it a point of saying “wat da?!” on average seven times before breakfast. And one day I even plan on finding out what it means.

Ranting about Taiwan is a very important safety valve for me. No need for any *****s to come here and rant about that.

huh? Doesn’t “Wat da” mean “WHAT THE !@#!#!@%@%?!!!”

yes…this is Wat da annonymous.

My name is Roamer…and I am a “Wat da?!!” -manic. I say “Wat da” every hour…I can’t stop. My girlfriend has left me because of this problem and I can’t do my work in the office. (reality: actually my girlfriend has been very understanding about it and I hate my job).