You're offered $10000, but

To get it you have to start a fight at Thanksgiving dinner without bringing up politics or religion. What’s your game plan?

An actual fight?

I guess a verbal argument or fistfight.

Invite lots of expats who don’t know each other.


Discuss parenting and child rearing.

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I’d read the room.

Inspired by @mad_masala, I’d start by saying that Mexicans, Hondurans, Colombians, Brazilians, Chileans, etc. are Americans too!



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Maybe I’d consider if it was 10k bitcoins.


Say last year’s food was better.

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Say that the fruit from Thailand tastes better than Taiwanese fruit ;:slight_smile:


You farter, you stinker.

Home truths.


How the food was prepared.


Ask (some of) the men to fix something electronic.

One of those will start a riot.

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Just tell my wife that she’s ethnically Han Chinese.

Punch someone. Split the money.

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My nephew (toddler age) loves punching people in the throat and watching their reaction. I guess wait for that to happen and then receive my payout

Just say, chicken tastes better!

“The only thing drier than this turkey is your dull-ass conversation”

i recently became vegan and think everyone else should also. here’s why you are bad people for not being vegan…

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If @Mick was there, I’d call him horrible “names” such as dude, mate, and buddy.