Youth Soccer/Football League around Taipei American School


Can anyone recommend a competitive youth soccer league or team for an 8-year old? I am hoping for qualified coaches involved in both local competition and also entry into international soccer tournaments.


If the team practices at or around the Taipei American School, that is a big plus.


Master Football Academy run a league at the European school in Shilin which includes TAS teams.

Talk to Dan or Michael about opportunities for serious competition. They recently took a girl’s team to Bangkok and won an Asia-wide tournament. Also TAS itself has the extra-curricular TYPA program.


This looks great. Thank you.

My son spent 9 months earning his way onto a team here in Singapore and probably won’t be excited about having to do it again, but hopefully it builds character (and it is an important life lesson).

Are Dan and Michael simply known as Dan and Michael on Forumosa, or do they have different handles?


Sorry they aren’t on Forumosa. That’s just the name of the bosses. Dan is a mate of mine, used to play for Peterborough reserves. :grinning:


Of course! That makes more sense. Thank you, again!

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