Youtube: does it need warming up?

Stupid, irrational question.

Everytime I grab a few beers and enter my local Internet Cafe youtube will not play. Well, it’ll play for 3 seconds and then stop. And then play for 3 seconds and then stop. And then . . .

But after a few beers (on my part, not the computers) it gets better, To the point where all of my formerly unplayable music will play.

For example, I’m on beer #7 now and everything plays perfectly. Seamlessly, in fact.

Is this a sign from GOD? From Fortigurn? From anyone?

It needs to buffer the video due to slow internet speeds.

I used to click play and then hit the pause once it started playing to let the entire video (or at least most of it load).
Now, however, I just use a greasemonkey extension in firefox and the videos buffer automatically and then I can play them when I want.