YouTube Music Premium

I actually prefer YouTube premium vs Spotify now. You can get a lot of remixes on YouTube premium. And they do a good job at knowing what kind of music you want to listen to.

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I did the trial for both and will be sticking with Spotify.
YouTube disappointed for two reasons.

  1. there’s no player on the home screen, bar at the top in the background. No mostly use it for jogging and while driving. They need to make the player.
  2. you don’t get YouTube to play inb the background with the screen off, it only works for the YouTube music app. That’s pretty good, but not everything on YouTube is also on music.

YouTube does have more rare, live, acoustic stuff… But you can still use YouTube.
Spotify is already way better at recommending good music.

For me the lack of player is why I have up on YouTube music. Maybe you guys can let me know when they get one

Yeah I’m kind of stunned at how much better Google YouTube music premium selects music for me over Spotify and iTunes and whatever other ones I’ve used. Also love all the extra music on the videos and mixes that you can’t get on Spotify and iTunes and others.

  1. The controls are always there. Not sure what you mean.

  2. YouTube works with screen off, locked, whatever. Can just listen to YouTube streaming whatever you want with screen off and phone locked.

Works on my Android and iOS so…

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Yeah, I don’t get it. Mine does both on iPhone.

Oh yeah, having music videos is cool. And many songs you listen to have a tab on top to allow you switch to the music video. I also feel like there more songs compared to Spotify. I can’t always find a song on Spotify but I seem to always be able to find something on YouTube.

1)I mean the drop down menu… Spotify and every podcast app I have has a player that you can swipe down that’s always there in the background. There’s no player for YouTube music. You need to go to the app. It’s annoying to change songs. Spotify has a player that is visible on the home screen while locked… I’ve attached a picture of the Spotify player.

Here’s the home screen player

  1. the YouTube music app works while the phone is off, but YouTube itself didn’t let me. Like I said, there are many songs on YouTube that are not on YouTube music. YouTube does not work with the screen off if you pay for YouTube music.

You two both have those features,?

I just double checked. The YouTube music app still does not have the player as shown above

Yes. I do have this on the iPhone.

On the home screen before I unlock

And also when I pull down from the top.

  1. My YouTube plays on the background. I don’t know if there’s maybe 2 packages. YouTube premium has both YouTube and YouTube music premium. If you only have YouTube music, maybe regular YouTube won’t allow you to keep videos running in the background.
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Wow, interesting. I did a trial for both apps, Spotify and YouTubeb and that were the only reason I chose Spotify. All other apps I use that play music or podcasts can do that… Only YouTube music won’t, even after I got the trial. My phone is a Google pixel too, pretty new. Anyways, maybe I’ll do the trial again in a few months.

@Andrew0409 thanks for letting me know

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  • Access to YouTube Originals movies, TV, etc.

What is the extent of this? We moved and dont have any tv service, what can you actually watch with this ?
Thanks :pray:

I always have access and listening to YouTube and YouTube Music when screen is off or locked or whatever.



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Weird, I just updated both YouTube app and nothing. I’ll look into it thanks

Just look on YouTube. It’s not going to be like netflix, there are only youtube original shows. Some are decent, but many are not good. My sister did casting for the show Origins with YouTube. I like that show.

Damn, I’m an idiot. I just checked the app settings and I had notifications turned off. The player is now visible
I take it back and now agree with you both. YouTube music is better.


You got your music, then I’m happy.



Love YTM.

But, when I today search for romantic music, it gives me Bollywood choices.

I’ve never searched for Bollywood music and don’t listen to it.

Does everyone get the same result?

Is this Google thinking I want this or just because lots of people search for this?

Edit: looks like it’s a common complaint.

FYI - Great YT and YTM alternative for Android.