Youtube videos stop in the middle for no reason

I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but I’ve been having it for several months. I don’t recall it happening on any other video sites (DailyMotion,, etc.), only Youtube. My fiber optic internet connection speed is 10 Mbps for downloads and 2 Mbps for uploads, which should be more than enough for HD video, and much (most?) of the time I can watch in 720p without a hitch. Sometimes, though, particularly in the late evening, videos will stop right in the middle: the video length truncates from what it originally was to what I’m currently at, as described in this Reddit thread. Emptying the cache doesn’t help, and neither does reloading–it just happens again a little later. I run Chrome on Windows 7.

Is there any way I can fix this? Because let me tell you, it’s pretty damn infuriating. I originally thought So-net was throttling my connection, but a Glasnost test (from found no evidence of that (it did say my speed was just over 3 Mbps, although that could just be because of a faraway server). Would getting a VPN help? Should I get a Youtube downloader extension? Any advice (or commiseration) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

That’s happened to me on occasion lately as well.

You can try using HTML5 instead of Flash.

Go to and join the trial.

See if it helps.

I tried this method and it greatly improved my YouTube experience. Although I admit it could be 心理作用.

I think youtube has stopped letting a video buffer load to the end. Instead it will stop maybe 15% ahead, and wait to see if you are still active on the page… if it thinks you are not there, it simply stops buffering and your video stops.

I’ve been experiencing this as well. I use Yousable Tubefix for Greasmonkey, so my videos are supposed to fully buffer and not autoplay. Some work, but some still buffer only halfway and then end, like you described. Haven’t figured out a fix for it, but I’ve simply started downloading most videos (especially those on Playlists - Bulk Youtube Downloader + DownThemAll is awesome).