Youtubers in Taiwan

I prefer this type of you tubers

No talk but good quality


The latest by Ranking Hub shows a South Korean painter is the highest-paid YouTuber in Taiwan, with a monthly income of NT$4.66 million (US$168,000).

Jay Lee Painting,

Other top Taiwan youtubers

Yes Ranger (葉式特工)

Terry Films

Huang Brothers (黃式兄弟)黃氏兄弟

Shasha77 (志祺七七)

Pan Piano, torso of female pianist in skimpy outfits,

Steak’s Life (牛排生活), food,

Muyao 4 Super Playing (木曜4超玩)木曜4超玩

Holger Chen (陳之漢)

NSFW (上班不要看)


This Group of People

HowFun, Chien’s Eating (千千進食中), Food,

I only know like 1 or 2 people on that list and even then it’s usually only because their on the news, such as Holger Chen for a few things or WackyBoys when they were doing the black face thing as the dancers. Maybe if this list was expanded to top 30 maybe I would see some more familiar channels…

Jay Lee Painting channel looks relaxing, think I’ll check out some more of his channel.

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Couldn’t believe at first he was the top channel but it makes sense, easy painting always gets huge views.

The female pianist with the skimpy outfits though…Ridiculous.


I’ll watch some more of her videos just to check if they are all the same. :upside_down_face:


Saw this guy on the news yesterday


One took a disciplined approach to scripting and production.

The other one seemed to be into boozing and losing an amazing girlfriend. Christine, we miss you!


You could easily make the same case for lifeintaiwan and all the other youtubers. The laziness doesn’t explain everything. You could have the same content quality as Abroad in Japan and still bomb because taiwan vlogs are just something people don’t look for.


Something stupid like this is hard find, even nowadays and it’s produced in Taiwan. Beware! If you watch this channel your IQ will significantly decrease :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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The “Employment Gold Card Super Thread” was always an option. I trust I made the right choice.

Indeed. Outside interest in Taiwan is sadly rather small. So you have to aim for the local audience. Or just make whatever videos you were going to make and translate and subtitle everything. Both seem to work.

Its amazing that abroad in Japan guy speaks japanese but you wouldn’t even know it, he doesn’t have to use it in his videos because the interest in japan is so strong.


They’ve been pretty successful marketing her breasts.


Sex sells, no matter how awful and fake your tits are.

Hey they also found the big breasted “sweet potato balls” girl.

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I wonder if they are like that in real life

Why are all those really popular Youtubers so trashy? :roll_eyes:

I choose “Don’t Recommend this Channel” most of the time when a video like that pops up on my suggestion page.


They’ve got what people crave

I made the mistake of watching one of these videos. Spent the next week clicking don’t recommend.

cringe overload

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Changes may be coming.


How about sorting out their diabolical paypal situation?