I have no idea why this forum still exists…can we close it please?

This currently is a forum for straight males to discuss the weirdness of the LGBQT+ world.

Which is a bit whack.


Come now. Where else would lazy gay newbies find out where the Red House is without googling it?


Oh come on. They just turn on their gaydar and follow the homing signal.

See even I’m doing it now. :nail_care:


So you don’t want people to learn about what transgender means ?
There really are a lot of dos and donts. :neutral_face:

Maybe change the name of the forum to “A forum for straight males to learn about the LGBTQ+ World” :rofl:

What’s the problem exactly ?
I think this is the right forum for it isn’t it.


Not gay newbie . Transgender newbie.
I’ve not known one declared transgender in my whole life.

The forum is supposed to be for LGBTQ+ persons to discuss their issues living in Taiwan, isn’t it? Or am I wrong?

Sorta like the Women’s forum. That’s what I always presumed. The fact we only have 1.5 LGBTQ+ members kind of renders it pointless.

It’s exhausting just typing LGBTQ+…

Don’t be such a pain in the ass .

Let us discuss it and learn about it.

Interesting turn of phrase :star_struck:


You are being a right pain in the arse right now.

If you don’t have anything useful to say…Say nothing.

You just said that.

Give it up .
I have every right to discuss this and ask questions, doesn’t matter who I am.

I don’t think I need to explain anything for you but…

Not gay newbie . Transgender newbie.
I’ve not known one declared transgender in my whole life.

No, this is national news. I saw it on tv tonight in the uk.

This should be their own business, But its the current trend, being a Trans in 2020 means you are a hero and its national news…

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Thanks for the feedback, but I think we will keep the forum intact. Please feel free to use your scroll wheel to avoid any personal discomfort.


No worries. It’s a bit of an oddity of a forum but so be it.

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Where should I post the article if not here?


You posted it in the right place AFAIC. Or you could have posted it in Entertainment as it is related to Hollyweird.

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Wow, see the value of keeping this forum?! In the old days Vaseline was used, followed by fancy lubricants when they became widely available, now there’s something call “scroll wheel”! You learn something new everyday.