Where should I post the article if not here?


You posted it in the right place AFAIC. Or you could have posted it in Entertainment as it is related to Hollyweird.

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Wow, see the value of keeping this forum?! In the old days Vaseline was used, followed by fancy lubricants when they became widely available, now there’s something call “scroll wheel”! You learn something new everyday.

I have no issue with the article being posted here. My issue is there’s an inherent contradiction in having a :rainbow_flag: forum when we have virtually no :rainbow: posters.

But that’s just my opinion. So long as homophobic comments are temped I’ll keep out of it.


Good because you didn’t have anything useful to say.
Just attacking people for no reason.

Why is it homophobic to ask questions exactly ?
Why can’t a straight guy post in that forum?

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I was attacking no one. Not sure why your nose is so out of joint on this BJ. I wasn’t referring to you in any of my comments.

I didn’t interpret him as suggesting either of those. And it IS sometimes a weird dynamic in that forum. Once in a while someone on forumosa will link to a dull-to-us YouTuber video about traveling in Taiwan, and we’ll all have a good laugh, “Ha ha, look at these dumb-dumbs talking about something that they don’t understand at all!” I kind of feel like there’s some LGBTQ+ forum out there that uses our threads as a similar source of material.

Because you tried to shut down the discussion and also implied I shouldnt post because I’m a straight male.
That’s discrimination !

Technically Elliot Page is a straight white male now.

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There are a number of them on here. They’re just mostly not all in your face about it.


EDIT: Sorry, I assumed this thread was in temp so I was dicking about.

What’s the thread title about? I thought it was some kind of joke.

Uhoh . He will be told to get the hell out of this forum .

You’re in the Feedback forum.

Give it a rest already.

5 posts were merged into an existing topic: Oscar Nominee Elliot Page Announces He Is Transgender

2 posts were merged into an existing topic: Oscar Nominee Elliot Page Announces He Is Transgender

If straight males or anyone is talking inappropriately or not following guidelines in any forum then they should be dealt with individually accordingly.

Just hit the flag at the bottom of the post if think it needs attention.

Sounds like you’re just independently selecting straight males as a target group to attack. Which is a bit wack.

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Someone actually flagged Bojack (not me) who was the poster I was more worried about.

I wonder if it’d be better to call the forum Alternative Sexualities.

Ha. That’s like 99% of the site. That’s a tall order. :rofl:

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Forumosa so damn confusing. Posts are always getting split up and temped. People always talking shit and criticizing.

And I still don’t understand transgend3r issues.