Yu Chang's first MLB home run

Cleveland Indians’ Yu-cheng Chang, a.k.a. Yu Chang, has been a brilliant defensive player so far this year. He has flashes of batting performance, but otherwise is batting .211 over 45 plate appearances prior to last night’s game against the Angels, where he blasted a 3 run home run.

He’s only the 4th Taiwanese players to do so. The first 3 Taiwanese players to hit a home run in the MLB are Hong-chih Kuo, Chin-lung Hu, and Red Sox’s Tzu-wei Lin.


He hit one as a relief pitcher?

It wasn’t a cheap yank, either, it was driven over right centerfield. Why is he struggling with his BA?

Straight fastball right down the middle. Good a really good pitch to hit.

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Kuo was the starter and he pitched 7 innings that day.

It was June 12 2007, Mets at Dodgers. Kuo was a part of a back to back to back to back.

Congrats to Chang. Now is the time of the Taiwanese hitter: Chang, Tsunami Lin, and Pojung in the NPB. Wonder if Jingde Zhang of the Pirates will get a callup.

Great stuff

Nice. If you’re going to hit a homerun, this is a great setup. First home run is even better.

Better not be too successful or might get sidelined like Lin.

Yu Chang and Tzuwei Lin are going to play in the Asian Baseball championship. It’s a qualifier for a qualifier for the Olympics. However, not sure we need them to pass.

The top two finishers of the ABC who aren’t already qualified advance to the final qualifier. Japan already has an autobid. So it’s Taiwan, Korea, and a bunch of cupcakes vying for two spots. We dun need no profashionals.

If we’re the top Asian team besides Japan in the Premiere 12, and we’ve advanced to the top 6, we’re in outright. No further games necessary.

Unfortunately, no one on any 40 man roster is allowed to play. But I’ve heard rumblings that Shaoching Chang wants to play.

I’m a little pissed a Japan for lobbying for a 6-team only Olympics. Damn them.