Yuan Shan Dog Van?

When I lived in Taipei (3 months ago), there was a “dog van” about 1 block up from the Yuan Shan MRT St. I had no idea what to do about it when I lived there, and called a few places to report it, but no action was ever taken :frowning: It was an old white van (sometimes 2 vans were there) with dogs chained up inside. I passed it everyday for work and would often stop and bring the dogs bones and treats and check on them. There was always at least 3 dogs and as many as 6 chained (and locked) inside. Always 2 german shepards, a husky, and usually a basset hound, along with others present.

Apparently, after some sleuthing, I found out that a man “owns” these dogs and keeps them there because his house is too small for so many dogs, and this way, they are not taken in to the animal shelters. I also heard that he has these dog vans all over the city.

He feeds them and gives them water…but, they only get let off the chains at most twice a day and just to go to the bathroom. The rest off the day, they sit in th van, cramped in there in the heat. Their water is often spilled, their leg muscles weak, and often have to lay near where they have to go to bathroom.

I was just wondering if these dogs are still there and if anything can be done about it???

Send me the address.

This seems quite common here. Incredible that people don’t know the dangers of leaving animals in vehicles.

The problem is what to do with the dogs, however. We’re not getting much help from the govt. :s

the van is owned by Ke Zi-Hai, a bankrupt attention-whore who can usually be found on news television SNG broadcasts holding two signs behind the head of whoever is being interviewed at the moment. claims he loves dogs, his life was saved by a rotweiller years ago in a botched attempted murder. since then, he has tried to help the welfare of street dogs in taipei with mixed results.

this man is extremely wealthy. he could have built 100 houses for the dogs. but he doesn’t really care about the dogs, he just uses them to get attention. all the rescuers i know think he harms dogs and rescuers’ position in taiwan more than help.

I can’t remember the address, but I know it was on Jhong Shan N. Road…right near the Yuan Shan Park MRT Station. The Taipei Art Park is right by it (but on the other side of the road) and the big skate park is in the area, too. The van was parked on the side of the road right next to a park with a cemented area where kids can practice their rollerblading, and it is also visible from Jhong Shan Road when driving by.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful! :s