Yuck: Furry Animals and Burgers

Seen in yesterday’s Apple Daily:
American named Andy takes kids to burger place near Chunghsiao E Rd, finds place closed but full of furry visitors. He’s smart enough to take pictures and mobilize the Apple mob.

1-apple.com.tw/index.cfm?Fuseact … D=20081022

The place is called ‘Moli’ in Chinese and has its main branch in Tienmu. Never heard of them before.

PS I didn’t put this in the food or restaurant forums, since I figure this is not the kind of ‘culinary experience’ forumosans are looking for.

I like that Apple Daily uses “fucking” so freely.

Mary’s Hamburgers.

Superb burgers, by the way.

(Rats in Taiwan? :noway: Perish the thought!)

Judging from these photos, the place is fairly clean.
Rats will happily eat soap.
Well, they’ll eat a bar of soap, but I’m not sure how “happily” they do it.

Please, we have bigger rats at the cafeteria downstairs in this government office -and I mean furry ones-… and that place looks, much, much cleaner…

A couple of nights ago, I bent to pick up Toto to cross the road. There was this huge rat, looking at me curiously, probably thinking what a kind human I was for wanting to cuddle it. The difference was in color -Toto is still whitish, rat was greyish.

I saw Ratatouille…maybe the rats were helping run the restaurant!

Yeah… maybe the burger joint will sue AD for the insult.

Yeah… maybe the burger joint will sue AD for the insult.[/quote]

They are just quoting Andy the American guy, right?

We have a snake and turtle restaurant just around the corner from us and the guy does a good side trade of cooked rats.
Every night he’s out setting the rat traps and catching them…fresh out of the sewers.
He just dumps them straight out of the cage into boiling water…they do try to swim…briefly.
My wife tells me rat is considered quite the delicacy, she said they used to eat them a lot when she was young and they lived out in the country.
Throwing them in the boiling water makes the fur come off easily…apparantly.

Well a rat from the countryside or a rat from the sewer, which would you prefer? Plus, I think they are actually field mice they eat although I guess they do eat rats too sometimes in the countryside if hungry that day.
BTW, I saw the pictures and to use an overused word in Taiwan, but they looked quite cute!

don’t know about rats but the tienmu branch is basically as Andy succinctly described.

Just looked at it again… you’re right. That’s even better… now they can sue the American guy!