Yuck yuck IKEA!


Sweden gave the world: Ikea, ABBA and a car that sounds like the part of a woman Volvo.
Canada gave the world: Celine Dion (sorry about that), Dan Yuckoyde, and fries covered with cheese and gravy.

At least your one up on us with good Vodka. hehe

As a Swedish person I’m offended by that comment! :wink:[/quote]

That’s how we get our soul :taz:

That’s right!
Yuck IKEA!
Somebody understands.

C’mon, Ikea isn’t that bad…
But their meatballs are just pure nasty, reminds me of the awefull stuff we got served in school :sick:
I wouldn’t say all their stuff is great, but some of it is not bad for what it is.
They’ve got some usefull trinkets and stuff that you can’t find anywhere else on this island, but yeah, some of their furniture leaves a lot to be desired and I wouldn’t really buy any of it second hand…
Can’t say I’m big on local furniture design either though, but each to their own…

Reviving this old thread to hear the current complaints about Ikea. I’ve been furniture shopping a LOT lately and I find the local shops, although very flexible with customization, have very ugly pieces in the same price level of IKEA, by ugly I mean hideous. They do, however, have better materials and some nice design too but those pieces cost at least 3-4times more than IKEA. In the past years, Ikea has introduced many of their ‘premium’ items that cost more and have a stronger material base.

So far in this thread I see the complaint about quality and ‘souless’ of the Ikea design, as well as the price being higher than local shops. In 2019…oops 2020, I don’t see it as a reality, especially the prices from local shops. Please, if I am mistaken, point me to those local shops that have better items than ones from IKEA with better prices, I am re decorating and would love to shop around.

I prefer the metal shelves sold by B&Q, very sturdy and customizable.
As for wood furniture, Ikea has both cheap and “premium” stuff, so plenty of options there.
We bought our kitchen from a local store in Yilan because they gave us a pretty good price and arranged all the customization. It turned out to be cheaper than Ikea kitchens.

I’d say for most kind of forniture Ikea is a very safe bet, we bought plenty of stuff there (the small Lack tables, shelves, kitchen stuff etc etc)


There are quite a few local furniture factories that have huge catalogs and will build something on demand for you. Many times you can even customize the specifications.

I’ve recently bought some pieces from 大漢 https://www.tahan.com.tw. All real wood and great quality for less than you’d pay at Ikea for MDF that will be ruined after 6 months in Taiwan’s climate.

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The meatballs are great. I literally only go to ikea to eat them.


Sometimes you can purchase what you want from Taobao. Really good price, quality, and shipping isn’t that expensive. Selection is better too.

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Local shops are often more expensive, but the furniture tends to be sturdier.

I bought some sofas from a local store but they didn’t tell hold up too well, there’s a vast range of choice locally so it doesn’t mean much I guess.

Are you familiar with the main furniture streets in Taipei or presumably wherever you are?

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Taobao has been hit or miss for me. I’ve had problems with furniture being damaged during shipping and a few bad sellers, so failure rate should be factored into the price. That said, I still do occasionally buy items from Taobao and have had a few great finds.

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I would too but the people there are so aggressive when it comes to ‘reserve’ seating.

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No. 200, Section 2, Zhongxing Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City, 231
02 2918 1356


Thank you. I will check them out.

Got a few items from Tainan, small stuff though, like coffee tables, chairs etc. the big closets I am not sure especially with mirrors and glass parts. Don’t know how could I return them if broken on arrival and how long would it take.

Yes, I’ve been to many and also the ones in Wugu where they have many large stores. Their price is much higher than ikea. I have to say though, better quality but the pieces are sooo ugly. Most of them sell England castle style stuff…

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Thank you

There are others around the corner at Baozhong and Baochiao roads. But this one is the largest.

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Usually for something like this, they offer partial or complete refunds depending on how it breaks and if the break is unfixable. Like broken mirrors or glass can be easily replaced so in those case they would give partial refunds and you can find replacements for the mirror yourself.

Sending it back would not be cost effective for either side.

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