Yukos-Khodorkovsky: how will it play out?

Have you been following the situation in Russia recently? It is confusing.
Bankers are saying that the situation has stabilized, comparing it to similar spats in other emerging markets (ie. Habibie/Indonesia). As if this is merely a hiccup, but overall, it’s business as usual. But when you read the newspapers, you see headlines that describe Russia’s leadership having an irreparable rift, Washington trading barbs with the Kremlin, and Putin “clamping down”.
Do you believe this incident is an isolated one – and the world can go on ignorantly believing that all will be well Siberia? Or are we seeing the beginning of the end of Russian erstwhile civility? How long do you think this ‘crisis’ (to borrow a term from the press) will last?

Three words: Buy gold futures.

And expect Russians to buy up at least 2/3 of the Premier League teams.

[quote=“HakkaSonic”]Three words: Buy gold futures.

And expect Russians to buy up at least 2/3 of the Premier League teams.[/quote]

Unless the Thai Prime Minister beats them to it.

… The statement also says that ‘the unprecedented success of the oil company YUKOS has no comparison in the history of Russian and international business’ and ‘we created the most effective company in the country.’ … Khodorkovsky’s statement goes on to mention his future personal plans connected with the continuation of work as the chairman of the regional social organization Open Russia. ‘Its philanthropy is directed at supporting education and bringing up youth, supporting civil initiatives directed at creating an open and democratic society in Russia,’ reads the statement.


Thank you, Tigerman, resources like these are what I was hoping to find. Although newsfromrussia.com and rosbalt.com (which I found on the page you referece) are Russian federal entities, they are still good resources for those of us who do not closely follow that part of the world