Yulon 1200cc - anyone know about these cars?

My Opel Corsa has finally dies (transmission). I have been offered a 1200cc Yulon for NT$30,000. Anyone got any advice about this? Anything I should know about / look for? Are these cars OK? I am car stupid. :blush:

Cheers! :notworthy:

It’s an old Sunny 303? Very long in the tooth now, but those things are real Ostfront material. (run forever in harsh conditions with little or no maintanance). They used to call the Sunny the ‘Taiwanese Benz’. The FWD model that came after that was also bulletproof and a bit less agricultural. I think 30k for either is pretty steep though.
Actually the only one of the old Yulongs that you want to avoid is the Feeling. Total junk. Luckily most all of 'em are on the scrapheap where they belong.